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Archive - Feb 26, 2009

Hillary-Dora: Warm meeting, cold menu

26 February 2009 / 18:02:56  
In the annual report of the State Department for human rights, Greece is criticized about the weak police force, corruption, the acts of xenophobia and anti-Semitism.

The accused for Kouneva's attack is free

26 February 2009 / 17:02:54  
The 48 year old Albanian, who was accused to be one of Kouneva's attackers is free. He is one of her colleagues and is also a member of the Cleaners Union.

German discipline is imposed in the TV channel Alpha

26 February 2009 / 15:02:21  
Journalists gathered in front of the central offices of Alpha TV and protested against the pressure with which they are forced to sign their own resignations. Few times the protest was going out of control and the police came to prevent it.

Buy offices, apartments and stores

26 February 2009 / 14:02:33  

Restrain yourselves from buying hotels and industrial buildings, advises Stoil Topalov in his analysis of the real estate markets.