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From Omonia to Monastiraki

The buildings along Atinas Street and around Omonia Square and Monastiraki Square are living witnesses of the history of Athens from the early years of proclaiming it the capital of Greece until the modern times today.
mihaela | 12:04 | 10 Apr 12


Picturesque village of Dimitsana is by no chance believed to be the hidden gem of the Peloponnese peninsula. It is located at the foot of Menalos mountain, at 1000 metres altitude, just above the bed of Lousios river. With its cobbled streets and stone walls, Dimitsana is typical of the architecture of mountainous Arcadia. Photos: Maria S. Topalova
mihaela | 15:03 | 26 Mar 12

Terkenlis café - patisserie, Thessaloniki

Located in a listed building in the centre of Thessaloniki, the store belongs to a historic and famous patisserie and bakery brand. For the first time, since the company’s inauguration in 1948, the preparation area becomes part of the sales area. The mystery of “aroma” is revealed since the baking of the legendary brioche is visible and acts as a key player in space. The project reinterprets the building’s atmosphere and reintroduces the original elements and materials from the family’s first store, in Aristotelous Square. photos: v.somarakis / studio phobia
mihaela | 13:03 | 23 Mar 12

Greece in black and white

Swiss photographer Fred Boissonnas was travelling all over Greece for 17 years - from 1903 do1920. His black and white photographs sealed moments of the life in Athens, Crete, Milos and Corfu, the Peloponnese and Mount Athos.
mihaela | 15:03 | 21 Mar 12

Destruction after fires

The city collects its remains after the successive collisions of police and members of anarchist movements in Greece in the night of the vote of Memoradum 2.

mihaela | 21:02 | 13 Feb 12

Heavy clashes and arson in Athens

The clashes between demonstrators and riot forces began shortly after 5 pm, when groups of youths began breaking pieces of marble from the monument of the Unknown Soldier in front of Parliament and started throwing them at the guards. Riot forces reacted immediately by firing light grenades and by significant amounts of tear gas a little later.
mihaela | 12:02 | 13 Feb 12

The miserable ones of Athens

According to Athenians, the 'new' homeless - victims of the crisis are the smaller part of the problem. "They usually have the support of organizations. The problem of homeless foreigners can be solved only in an organized manner. The rest is words of activism in social media," they say.
mihaela | 22:01 | 31 Jan 12

Loukanikos - the most famous participant in Greek protests, according to Time magazine

The dog is registered as a stray dog by local authorities in 2006. Many Athenians who see him daily in the square prefer to call him Kanelos because of his typical colour.
mihaela | 15:12 | 15 Dec 11

Athens Fashion Week 14

The 14th edition of Athens Fashion Week gives the floor to both young artists and recognized designers. Enjoy the works of young designers who first presented their creations to the public.
mihaela | 19:10 | 28 Oct 11

Museum of Wine

The pearl of the complex, however, is the wine museum of presses, pumps, tools for processing and winemaking from the 18th century to today as well as distillation equipment from the 16th century to the most modern facilities.
mihaela | 21:09 | 30 Sep 11