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снимкова галерия

Pirelli Calendar 2011

Greek mythology has inspired the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld to give a new look to the well-known Pirelli Calendar. He is the artist behind the 2011 concept which presents the beauty of the female body by the symbols of ancient Greece and Rome. A total of 21 models recreate the hedonistic side of life in elegant black and white photographs.
mihaela | 11:12 | 14 Dec 10

Every year on November 17

Every year on November 17 Greece celebrates the anniversary of the tragic events at the Athens Polytechnic which led to the downfall of the junta. Each year on this date Greece is in the world news not for the anniversary but for the unrest the participants in the procession cause in front of the US Embassy in Athens. Cameraman: Vassilis Vafidis
mihaela | 13:11 | 19 Nov 10

The Zoo in Spata

he Zoo in Spata is one of the most interesting sights and memorable experiences not only for children but for adults too. It is open every day during the year and even when the sky is dark and ready to pour the alleys between the animals dwellings are filled with children, families, couples and adults who have come to enjoy the beauty of animals.
mihaela | 11:11 | 08 Nov 10

Athens Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2011

Athens Fashion Week presented the designers Christos Hatzivasiliou, Samantha Sotos and DELIGHT and their Spring-Summer 2011 models.
mihaela | 12:10 | 19 Oct 10

Athens from a bird's eye view

mihaela | 10:10 | 18 Oct 10

Carpe Diem - Painting Walls

Painting Walls project is an initiative of the Athens mayoralty. It starts from a larger project to paint the facades of ugly and old Athenian buildings and blocks to improve their aesthetics and to make the life of the inhabitants of the capital more colourful. Painting Walls is a project to paint graffiti on the facades of three buildings in the metropolitan district Psiri. The project is realized by Carpe Diem graffiti group, who were so kind to give us photos of their work.
mihaela | 15:10 | 14 Oct 10

The kiss of Enrique

mihaela | 08:09 | 27 Sep 10

Pamela Anderson in Athens

mihaela | 12:09 | 24 Sep 10

Street art in Athens

Pictures by Marina Nikolova
mihaela | 10:09 | 20 Sep 10