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Byzantine hair brilliance

The largest chain of hair salons in Greece, Gino, managed by hairdresser Vassilis Drigos, shows its new 2013-2014 autumn-winter hairstyles collection, inspired by the Middle Ages.
mihaela | 17:12 | 03 Dec 13

The new promenade in Thessaloniki

After two and a half years of repairs, the promenade in Thessaloniki has been “returned” to the city’s residents and visitors.

The new parks and the thematic Garden of Sculptures, Garden of Mediterranean, Garden of Fokas, Garden of Seasons, Garden of Sand, Garden of the Afternoon Sun and Garden of Alexander provoked positive emotions in the residents of Thessaloniki who visited the promenade on Sunday.

mihaela | 15:12 | 02 Dec 13

Balkan Rakia Fest

The first Balkan Rakia Fest which took place in Sofia presented over 150 fruit and aniseed aged distillates from five Balkan countries, including Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. During the Balkan Rakia Fest, leading manufacturers from the region enriched the culture of each visitor by explaining the typical qualities of each drink.

Photo report by Polina Spartyanova

mihaela | 15:11 | 04 Nov 13

Military exercise "Parmenion 2013"

The regular exercise with the participation of the armed forces of Greece, "Parmenion 2013", was held in military range "Psilos Stalos" in Evros on 3 October.
mihaela | 10:10 | 07 Oct 13

Wedding dresses by Sofia Kokosalaki

The famous Greek designer may not appear regularly on the podium for fashion clothing, as she did before, but she is still fascinating her customers by presenting one state-of-the-art collection a year. This is the conclusion of Vogue magazine which has published the designer’s latest collection of wedding dresses.
mihaela | 09:09 | 25 Sep 13

Cycladic landscapes - Ios

Ios is among the midsize Cycladic islands. It doesn’t have the glory of Santorini or Mykonos, but it is characterised by sandy beaches, authentic Cycladic settlements, winds and good weather. Maria S. Topaolova will walk you around the streets and quays of Ios. Follow Maria on Twitter @MariaSTopalova
vesela.dinolova | 08:08 | 22 Aug 13

The 50th Aegean Sailing Rally

The jubilee edition of one of the most important races in the sea started on 19 July from the pier of Koundouriotou to Athens. It will last for 10 days and the sailors will compete with waves both during the day and at night.

The race is held at this time of the year because of the ideal conditions for sailing - Aegean winds blow at a speed of 20-30 knots.

vesela.dinolova | 16:07 | 20 Jul 13

The port of Aegina

The small island of Aegina is actually the first Greek capital city in modern history and is only an hour away from today’s capital city of Athens by boat. Around its picturesque harbour, one can see snug taverns and shops with traditional Greek products.
vesela.dinolova | 14:04 | 25 Apr 13

Plato's Academy today

Photo: Ioannis Vlachos

The Academy was established in ancient Athens in 387 BC by Plato and was finally closed in 529 by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. It was located in a small forest in the Athens suburb of Akademia, which was linked to the Athenian hero Akademos and named after him. The legend has it that at the entrance of the academy, one could read, "Let None but Geometers Enter Here."

mihaela | 23:04 | 05 Apr 13