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Bulgarian Politicians

Political instability in Bulgaria has continued for a year and a half. Early parliamentary elections were announced for the beginning of October. On this occasion, we present you a few representatives of the Bulgarian political elite. Photo report by Polina Spartyanova.
ivan.petkov | 11:07 | 24 Jul 14

Digital Media Awards 2014

GRReporter was awarded a bronze medal for the Best Thematic Site at the Greek Digital Media Awards as one of the best digital media in Greece.

The Digital Media Awards 2014 contest aims to award and present the best and most innovative practices in the field of digital media. The award ceremony took place on Thursday at Gazarte space for cultural and artistic events.

Photos: Vassilis Vafidis

mihaela | 17:06 | 20 Jun 14

St. Minas at Easter

The small resort of St. Minas, opposite the major city of Evia, Halkida, is one of Greece’s numerous "hidden" treasures to foreigners. Calm and not full of people even in the height of summer, during the Easter holidays the small bay is a haven of rest for hermits and for those seeking privacy and tranquillity. Photos by Maria S. Topalova
mihaela | 10:04 | 22 Apr 14

The Panagyurishte Treasure

The Panagyurishte Treasure, which was excavated near the town of Panagyurishte, Bulgaria, is the great work of goldsmiths of the early Hellenistic period at the end of the fourth century – the beginning of the third century BC. It consists of a total of nine vessels - a phial and eight rhytons which combine ancient Greek motifs with Thracian and Achaemenid style techniques. It is assumed that the golden treasure belonged to the famous Odryssian ruler Seuthes III and was used for religious ceremonies. The vessels depict gods and heroes, sacred animals and mythological creatures, since they had a ritual function in antiquity, and, according to the belief, these images cleaned liquids and protected the participants in the ritual. The collection has two rhytons with a deer's head shape, the one representing the scene "Judgment of Paris" with Athens, Hera, Aphrodite and Paris and the other - Theseus fighting the Cretan Bull and Heracles capturing the Ceryneian Hind. The amphora-rhyton depicts the Theban myth the "Seven Against Thebes" or a festive procession. The story can be interpreted in the context of Thracian religion - as a ritual dance of five men in front of a temple, at which a ceremony is being prepared. Recently, a very well preserved bronze head of the alleged owner of the golden treasure Seuthes III has been discovered, which is made by legendary ancient sculptor Phidias. It is expected to be sent to the Louvre in Paris in the spring. Text and pictures - Polina Spartyanova
vesela.dinolova | 14:03 | 15 Mar 14

The film "School of Patriotism" had its official premiere in Athens

GRReporter took part in the celebrations to mark the 10th anniversary of the Bulgarian Sunday School "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" in Athens with the premiere of a documentary by Maria S. Topalova, "School of Patriotism", which took place on Saturday, 8 March, at OTE Cultural Centre.
mihaela | 17:03 | 10 Mar 14

ProtestSochi in Greece

The colours of the ProtestSochi movement covered entire Greece - from Thessaloniki to Athens and from Ioannina to Crete. Youths, human rights organizations and clubs protested against homophobia and the drastic violation of individual rights and freedoms in the host country of this year's Winter Olympics.
vesela.dinolova | 18:02 | 09 Feb 14

Mummers against the evil eye

The festival of mummers in Pernik is the oldest festival of masquerade games in Bulgaria. Even today it promotes variations of ancient rituals performed by single men, which are part of the Bulgarian folklore tradition. The festival contest lasts several days and traditionally involves about 6,000 people in 100 masquerade groups from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria. In addition to them, festival "Surva" involves foreign groups of mummers from Europe, Asia and Africa. Here is how Polina Spartyanova saw the festival.
mihaela | 11:01 | 31 Jan 14

Wedding fashion and nostalgia at Benaki Museum

Photo 1: A wedding dress from the region of today's Athens suburb of Kifissia, late 19th century.

Photo 2: A wedding dress from the region of Bursa from the period around 1840

Photo 3: The wedding dress of Athena Polat (around 1910)

Photo 4: The wedding dress of Maria Vatsela (1923)

Photo 5: A wedding dress bought from an antiquarian shop in Rhodes (1920)

Photo 6: The wedding dress of Alexandra Meimari. Her wedding took place on 24 December 1935.

mihaela | 23:01 | 22 Jan 14

The documentary "Political Emigrants" in Sofia

"Political Emigrants”, a documentary by Maria S. Topalova, was presented in Sofia
mihaela | 23:12 | 18 Dec 13

Greece activates S-300

S-300 (SA- 10 in the NATO classification) is a Russian anti-aircraft missile system of medium range. It is intended for the defence of large industrial and administrative facilities and military bases.
mihaela | 15:12 | 16 Dec 13