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Archive - Apr 2012

April 7th

Cheap Easter for 35 to 60 Euros per night

07 April 2012 / 18:04:57  
Have you lost your trust in Greek tourism? Is the only thing you are not thinking about where you will go for Easter, because your expenses are increasing all the time?

Caution with feeding habits during Holy Week

07 April 2012 / 15:04:10  
The most exciting week of the year for all Christians is approaching. Holy Week, with its special symbols, is associated with fasting, to which, however, we need to pay particular attention, in order to not suffer unpleasant consequences to our health.

Greek banks: Difficulties and opposition against recapitalization

07 April 2012 / 14:04:06  
The representatives of the International Monetary Fund demonstrate the most certain position during the negotiations, while most moderate are the representatives of the European Central Bank.

New Greek bonds collapse in the market

06 April 2012 / 21:04:59  
The efforts of Europe, Greece and the International Monetary Fund to put the debt crisis that began in the Mediterranean country in order do not seem to be succeeding. The new long-term Greek government bonds, which were circulated after the haircut of the debt held by private investors (PSI) collapsed in the capital markets.

April 6th

Parliament consisting of at least eight parties according to polls

06 April 2012 / 20:04:51  
The government is trying to dispel the doubts that there will be no elections but is not rushing to announce their date either. Most likely, they will be held on 6 May but 13 remains the other option.

Power corporation trade union to boycott the privatization of DEI’s lignite mines

06 April 2012 / 17:04:12  
"The attacks against GENOP-DEI - the trade union of the employees in the Public Power Corporation is purposeful and biased in order to weaken its influence on society," said its president Nikos Fotopoulos at a special press conference.

Police are the other side of ignorance in Greece

06 April 2012 / 16:04:27  
I do not think last night's attack was directed against the media. The police just attacked again, without caring who was against them, said the journalist Pasxos Mandravelis in an interview with Anastasia Balezdrova.