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Archive - Apr 28, 2012

The Greek dilemma on the upcoming elections

28 April 2012 / 23:04:29  
Both major parties faced with the danger of anarchy, lack of accountability and economic catastrophe. Papademos alone against Euro-scepticism.

In May, Venus retrograde brings to light things that were hidden for many years

28 April 2012 / 18:04:37  
In this article I will inform you about the astrological conditions during the period May 1-31 and who will be affected by them. While moving on the celestial sphere planets activate different parts of the zodiac and this is why the astrological climate they set, affects people in a different way because it is directly dependent on the individuals’ horoscope.

The far right has begun to pursue journalists

28 April 2012 / 12:04:13  
Emilios Liatsos, publisher of the newspaper "Friday the 13th" found himself in handcuffs because he had reminded people of the cooperation between "Independent Greeks" leader Panos Kamenos and representatives of the military junta.