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Archive - Apr 2012

April 11th

live Lucas Papademos: Elections will be held on 6 May

11 April 2012 / 18:04:55  
The Greek Prime Minister delivered his term to President Carlos Papoulias. The date will be formally announced in a televised address to the Greek people.

Over ten thousand trips cancelled due to the sailors' strike

11 April 2012 / 14:04:26  
According to the ATTICA GROUP data, the two-day strike of the federation of marine workers PNO has made seven thousand people cancel their spring vacation trip to the Cycladic islands. ΑΝΕΚ - SUPERFAST has announced that another 3,600 have cancelled their ferry tickets to central ports of Crete.

live Former defence minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos has been arrested

11 April 2012 / 13:04:11  
Former defence minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos has been accused of money laundering, tax evasion and filling in false tax declarations. He has been banned from leaving the country, has had to pay 150 thousand euro of bail and his immovable property has been attached.

Natural gas - the new leader of the world energy market and the Cypriot economy

10 April 2012 / 21:04:59  
The deposits found so far are worth 2-4 times the GDP or 4-6 times the total debt of Cyprus. Experts believe that this is a unique opportunity for the country to take on the road of rapid development above the European average and return to the time of reporting budget surpluses.

April 10th

712 thousand is the number of civil servants in Greece

10 April 2012 / 20:04:30  
Since the outburst of the crisis, Greece has reduced the number of its civil servants by 56 thousand. The majority of them retired in the last year and a half, when the first census was conducted.

No maritime transport in Greece until Thursday

10 April 2012 / 17:04:24  
First, representatives of PNO refuse to accept the government's decision to include the health insurance fund of the employees in the commercial fleet in the common health insurance organization. There will be no mobilization if the strike is not extended.

Greek prisons are full of diseases, violence and foreigners

10 April 2012 / 15:04:49  
There are two guards for every 500 prisoners, attacks among them and against us happen every day, the chairman of the union of guards Spyros Karakitsos told GRReporter.