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Six truths about Botox

12 January 2012 / 23:01:04  GRReporter
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There is probably no woman, and lately no man, who does not shudder at the sight of the first permanent wrinkle. After the initial stress and disappointment many of them decide to visit a plastic surgeon for some "life-giving" injections of Botox, which not only evens out their wrinkles but also their crushed spirits.

It also happens in many cases that the Botox application starts at the first visit to the doctor's office. Specialists believe that this is not the right course of action because the patient is not adequately prepared and informed about everything that he or she can do or avoid prior the specific procedure.

The list of Dr. Christoforos Dzermias describes six truths that every candidate should know before going to the doctor's table.

The first is that the injection of Botox can now be done without any sensation of pain with the right action by the physician. There have been changes not only in the application technique, but also in the quantities of Botox used. The "frozen face" type has remained in the past. What is required today is a natural appearance and facial expression. For this purpose it is necessary to examine the patient's muscle structure. The patient is also naturally interested in how long the results will last,and why for some people they remain for seven months, whereas for others - only for two.

According to Dr. Dzermias there are three types of muscle structures in which Botox is applied according to the muscle tone. The first type has a full synchrony between feeling and mimicking the expressions. The results of application of Botox can last between 7 and 9 months and even for a longer period of time. This means that such patients can visit the plastic surgeon once a year, making them ideal candidates for the procedure.

The second type, which is determined by the total discrepancy between mimic expressions and expression of feelings, limits the results from the application of Botox to between 4 and 6 months, or maybe less. According to doctors this is the most common face type, which requires 2-3 Botox injections per year.

Observed in the third type of face is the opposite result, namely of lack of control, just like in the second type. The result is disappointing, wrinkles do not disappear completely, muscle contractions are blocked only for one or two months—in other words—the effect is short-term. Such types of faces require between 4 and 5 Botox applications per year. The aim is for the face to gradually change to the second and later to the first type.

Meanwhile more than one type can be seen in one face. If more than one type is found and given the right amount of Botox a balanced result can be achieved without a "frozen" expression. The technique aims to block the transmission of nerve impulses to the neurons in some muscle fibres, while in others to maintain low muscle tone. According to Dr. Dzermias each individual case requires a separate action plan and balance between the pper and lower face in order to achieve a natural effect.

The second truth about the botulinum toxin is that it can be applied to almost all people. But there are some exceptions. There are two types of wrinkles: static and dynamic. Botox is effective in filling the dynamic wrinkles that appear as a result of frequent and active mimicking. This is how the lateral and vertical lines on our foreheads appear and also the wrinkles of the skin on the nose when smiling, the horizontal forehead lines and others. The release of "responsible" muscles relieves the skin and reduces dynamic wrinkles.

Botox, however, has no effect on static wrinkles. They are not connected with muscle and appear as a result of aging skin, loss of collagen and elastin and reduction in elasticity. As we age, our skin "weakens" and this allows the easier formation of wrinkles. In these cases it is advisable to smooth and refresh the skin with the Fractional Laser method or a chemical peel, combined with dermal fillers.

Until now no extensive research has been conducted on the effect of Botox application during pregnancy. Studies conducted with experimental animals are not unanimous about its harmful effects, but doctors recommend that he procedure be avoided during pregnancy and breast feeding.

Thirdly, doctors warn prospective customers to be especially careful with the choice of the base material. "Cheap Botox may be fake, made in China, not recognized by health organizations, imported illegally, improperly packed, with overdue expiration date or very diluted," emphasizes the dermatologist.

The fourth truth? The Botox application should always be carried out by a dermatologist and plastic surgeon. Fifthly, women should avoid the procedure during their monthly cycle and in the days following it.

In order to prevent scarring after the Botox application candidates must start preparing two weeks before the procedure. Doctors recommend avoiding substances that increase the risk of minor bruising. These can be medicines, dietary supplements with vitamin E, and spices like curry, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric and red pepper.

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