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Archive - Apr 11, 2010

Jackpot of 15 million euro made the Greeks believe in their luck

11 April 2010 / 20:04:56  
The Sunday in Athens was marked by the sign of the 5+1 combination and anxious expectation

Antonis Samaras: There is not place for political selfishness in New Democracy

11 April 2010 / 19:04:19  
The leader of the right party stated that in a period when critical decisions for the faith of the right party and the entire Greece have to be taken, the personal ambitions and the narrow mindedness are an enemy to New Democracy. The criticizing words of Samaras came as an answer to the refute of Bakoyannis to take part in the meetings of the central committee and the head committee of the party.

Final meters before the announcement of the financial collapse of the Greek economy

11 April 2010 / 18:04:35  
After the events from last week, the international markets show they have no confidence in the future of the Greek economy. The chances to resort to financial support become greater and greater. The goal of the special meeting of Eurogroup on Sunday, April 11th is to provide the final version of the rescue mechanism.

Panathinaikos – Panionios 102-84

11 April 2010 / 11:04:31  
In spite of the good game they showed the team of Panionis did not manage to handle their opponent Panathinaikos which turned out to be "a hard nut to crack"

Street stories: Alison who built on her own the wonderland

11 April 2010 / 10:04:25  
She is only 28 years old, but her presence is notable even in a room full of people. Her motto is everybody builds his own destiny” and true to it she is a self made success. Meet the creator of Greek art bazaar The Meet Market.

Kalomira is preparing a super single!

11 April 2010 / 08:04:38  
The singer Kalomira is getting ready to surprise her fans with a new super single. In the video of "Don't break my heart!" take part world famous celebrities like Fatman Scoop and the handwriting in the video is of Tony Cottura