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Archive - Nov 2010

November 18th

Greek football internationals with a victory in Austria

18 November 2010 / 11:11:05  
The Greek team showed good game on the Ernst Happel field in Vienna and wan the confidence of Fernando Santos and the fans at the stadium. Although it was clear for all that it was far from using its capabilities in full...

Tension and arrests during the Athens Polytechnic procession

18 November 2010 / 10:11:50  
Once again the procession on the anniversary of the events in the Athens Polytechnic became a stage of clashes between anarchists and police.

November 17th

Police helicopter follows the celebration of the Polytechnic anniversary

17 November 2010 / 17:11:47  
The annual demonstration to commemorate the 37th year of the tragic events at the Athens Polytechnic began peacefully, Anastasia Balezdrova is on the spot.

Verbal skirmish between Berlin and Athens flared up Europe

17 November 2010 / 17:11:58  
The media war between Greece and Germany on the criticism that Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou reproached to Berlin continues in full force. Messages in the German press are pretty sharp, and in some cases even contemptuous.

Gerard Butler admires the beauty of Greek women

17 November 2010 / 15:11:48  
The Hollywood actor Gerard Butler known as the Spartan Leonidas from the movie "300" seems to admire the beauty of Greek women. First, there were the rumours for a romantic relationship with Jennifer Aniston, who is of Greek origin, and now he was fascinated by Eleni Skoula Kokkalis who he met in the New York's restaurant The Lion. Gerard Butler did not tear his gaze away from Eleni Kokkalis all night while they had dinner at different tables in the restaurant of the popular chef John De Lucie, who gathers celebrities from around the world.

Brussels: No financial support to Greece in December

17 November 2010 / 14:11:57  
Austrian Finance Minister Josef Pröll said that the Mediterranean country will receive the third tranche of aid a month later than planned, announced BBC. At the same time, the Troika insists on more stringent measures for 2011.

Average tourist spends 178 euros per day in Athens

17 November 2010 / 12:11:38  
Almost one third of foreign visitors do not know there are islands in Greece, 33% arranged their stay in Athens through the Internet.