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Archive - Apr 2009

April 16th

Something is boiling in Twitter

16 April 2009 / 18:04:15  
Based on data by Nielsen, Twitter is the fastest developing website in its category with growth of 1382%!

The mysterious Mrs. Alexandrova is Greek

16 April 2009 / 10:04:24  
The blonde woman, who organized with surgical precision the prison break of Vasilis Paleokostas and Alket Rizai is very well known by the Greek police.

After all the meeting took place!

16 April 2009 / 09:04:09  
As it can be seen on the official photo, distributed by the State Department, Hillary Clinton accepted the Cyprian Turks leader Mehmed Ali Talat in Washington, days before the elections in Northern Cyprus.

April 15th

Lucas Samaras will represent Greece on the biennale in Venice

15 April 2009 / 20:04:57  

One of the most significant representatives of contemporary art is building his installation Paraxena for the Greek pavillion in Venice, in order to mark his 50 year career.

Can we neutralize the "sick" building syndrome?

15 April 2009 / 13:04:50  
“Sick” is the building, where people always use electric appliances and smoke and it is not built with the necessary materials, which do not retain the harmful particles in the rooms. How can we apply the bioclimatic architecture principals, in order to contribute to the protection of the environment and our health? Marina Nikolova tried to find answers to those questions and more at “Eco week 2009” in Athens and in a conversation with architect Eri Poulyanaki.

Tricked the police again

15 April 2009 / 09:04:08  
New police gaffe allowed the runaway of Vasilis Paleokostas, this time he just walked away.

April 14th

Art goes in the subways and gets out on the city streets

14 April 2009 / 18:04:36  
The first Fringe Festival will start on June 15th and the performances and exhibitions will be all around Athens.