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Archive - Apr 2009

April 21st

Cancelling real estate taxes is planning the Finance Ministry

21 April 2009 / 17:04:11  
Three days after announcing relieving measures when purchasing a car, the Finance Ministry announced that it is preparing relieving measures when purchasing real estate.

Unemployment reached 9.4% and another 50 000 are threatened to lose their jobs if the tourism sector is not brought back to life

21 April 2009 / 13:04:55  
On Tuesday, April 14th, the Greek Labor Minister Fani Pali-Petralia announced that the unemployment in Greece is 9.5% or in other words 470 thousand people. This number shows a growth of nearly one percent since December 2008. According to the Minister, the worst damaged sectors are the tourism and construction ones. Meanwhile, New Democracy announced a plan to invest ?2.5 billion in programs for decreasing unemployment by increasing the loans of tourist operators.

100 000 pools "drink" Greece's water

21 April 2009 / 12:04:25  
The last few years brought a new trend of having pools on the small and waterless Cycladic islands. In order for a small 5 by 10 pool to be full all summer it needs the water, which a person needs for 480 days.

April 20th

Mr. "Jumbo" personally chooses the toys for his stores

20 April 2009 / 13:04:08  

During the last few years, "Jumbo" is the number one leader on the toy market in Greece. The ads for the store are fun and entertaining - created by Mr. "Jumbo" Apostolos Vakakis himself and the prices are more than attractive.

Submitting tax forms starts on May 5th

20 April 2009 / 12:04:14  
The deadlines for submitting tax return forms for employees and pensioners are from May 5th until June 2nd. The ones who do not have an income of more than ?6 000 for last year, will not have to submit a tax return form.

Alexander the Great: I am interested in your language and in the way you write

20 April 2009 / 10:04:11  
The famous American medium "talked" with the spirit of the great general, who was sorry for all the wars and was interested in the culture of the different nations.

Right-wing will govern in North Cyprus

20 April 2009 / 10:04:39  
The National Unity Party of Dervish Eroglou won 44.16% of Turkish Cypriot votes on the parliamentary elections in North Cyprus.