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Archive - Apr 1, 2009

Police jokes for April 1st in Athens

01 April 2009 / 16:04:02  
Criminals started playing jokes at the police - two arrested ran away from court and a third one robbed a bank in Palini, right next to the police.

Greek advises the English where to have fun

01 April 2009 / 15:04:24  
Greek is one of the creators of the online guide TrustedPlaces, which reaped a lot of success in England and managed to gather almost 1 million users. All of them wrote over 40 000 reviews of restaurants, bars, and clubs in 800 cities all around world.

“If you are a passenger in an airplane, what kind of uniform would you like to see?”

01 April 2009 / 15:04:26  
This is the question, which will be asked on the website of "Olympic." The company will expect answers to different uniform designs. In the past, designers of "Olympic" uniforms were Coco and Channel & Pierre Cardin. Who will be the next designer?

Greece could help in Afghanistan

01 April 2009 / 15:04:52  
25 000 Afghans have sought refige in Greece last year, claims the US ambassador in Athens Daniel Speckhard.

Roberto Benini will perform "Hell" in Athens

01 April 2009 / 11:04:17  

Roberto Benini who found a place in everyone’s hearts with the film "Life is Beautiful," is now coming to Athens in May for his world tour of Dante's play "Divine Comedy."