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Archive - Apr 2009

April 27th

Carlos Santana concert tickets out for sale

27 April 2009 / 18:04:13  
The 62 year ols rock legend will sing at the Olympic Stadium in Athens on July 8th. The ticket prices are between ?45 and ?200.

Greece protecting itself from swine influenza

27 April 2009 / 14:04:15  
The President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso, who is visiting Athens today, announced a meeting of the EU Healthcare Ministers, who will discuss the condition of the public's protection from the deadly virus.

The milk war has started

27 April 2009 / 12:04:04  

Vivartia's decision to lower "Delta" milk price from ?1.35 to ?1.00 per liter is creating new conditions on Greek market for pasteurized milk.

Weapon negotiations for ?5.5 billion

27 April 2009 / 12:04:28  
Stronger presence in Afghanistan and weapon contracts, which are valued for ?5.5 billion are among the most important issues, which will be discussed between Defense Minister Evangelos Meymarakis and US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

April 26th

Greece in recession

26 April 2009 / 20:04:20  
Summer with discourage Greek citizens even more and the government with transfer the price of the crisis to tax payers.

April 25th

After Bourgas-Alexandroupolis comes Komotini-Dimitrovgrad

25 April 2009 / 16:04:35  
Bulgaria and Greece signed a Memorandum for Energy Cooperation, which plans to build a new gas pipe. It will be 120-125km long, it will cost ?45 million, and it will be financed by the European Union.

Again, shooting at ALTER TV, this time in the air

25 April 2009 / 14:04:34  
Terrorists attacked policemen with Molotov cocktails. Statistics show 2009 criminality boom in Athens.