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Archive - Nov 7, 2014

The oldest book of Europe is to become a UNESCO monument

07 November 2014 / 19:11:03  
It is the the Derveni papyrus, the only preserved and readable papyrus found in Greek lands and created around 340-320 BC.

Greece is preparing for heavy rains and flooding

07 November 2014 / 18:11:28  
It is expected that the cyclone that has recently caused major flooding in Italy will reach Greece on Friday afternoon.

Greek economists hunting for investment

07 November 2014 / 17:11:40  
The economy is regaining its strength after six years of recession, it is expected that investments in regional airports alone will amount to 350 million euro by the end of 2015.

Pulitzer Prize-winning book marks Kristallnacht anniversary

07 November 2014 / 15:11:22  
The Greek premiere of Saul Fridlender’s book "Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939 - 1945" was associated with the anniversary of the mass pogrom against Jews in Germany and Austria.

Terrorists blew up a newspaper office

07 November 2014 / 10:11:34  
The newspaper supported the opening of shops on Sundays and the implementation of the so-called "white nights" when shopping centres stay open until late in the evening, thus drawing the attention of "Anti-capitalist Action".