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Archive - Nov 5, 2014

On the trail of the true Trojan Horse

05 November 2014 / 19:11:25  
A group of Turkish archaeologists currently conducting excavations in the area of Hisarlik, the site of ancient Troy, reported that they have discovered a huge wooden structure, probably part of the mythical Trojan horse.

Digital Mounts Athos speaks in Bulgarian

05 November 2014 / 16:11:42  
Fifteen of the twenty monasteries of Mount Athos as well as the Holy Community (the control body of autonomous Mount Athos) have agreed to participate in a programme to digitize some of the valuable archives of Mount Athos.

Modern meteorology cannot make forecasts for more than 5-6 days ahead

05 November 2014 / 14:11:41  
Meteorologists refute publications about severe winter and arctic cold in the Balkans. They are developing experimental models to make weather forecasts for 25-30 days ahead but they always contain inaccuracies, Konstantinos Lagouvardos told GRReporter.

Police strike a blow against the Greek-Mexican mafia

05 November 2014 / 11:11:09  
In a joint operation, the Greek and the US anti-drug services seized 230 kilograms of cocaine worth tens of millions of euro, which were intended for the Greek market.