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Archive - Oct 2014

October 20th

The Lord Elgin shipwreck again to the fore

20 October 2014 / 16:10:38  
The bottom of the Aegean Sea hides more secrets of the story of the Parthenon marbles stolen by Lord Elgin.

Turkish and Russian fleet in Cypriot waters

20 October 2014 / 11:10:15  
The crew of "Barbaros" was ordered by the Turkish government to explore the region in the sea around the island for the presence of hydrocarbon deposits. Russia is starting large-scale military training in the Eastern Mediterranean, in an area of 800 square miles that coincides with the region "engaged" by Turkey.

The Unknown Drama

19 October 2014 / 23:10:07  
Located in northern Greece, where frosts come early, Drama is a border town with plenty of things to see and an important history to learn.

October 19th

Greece at the bottom of European issuance market

19 October 2014 / 20:10:42  
The overall share of Greek issuance premiums is 2.2% of GDP against a European average of 7.69%. Customers are increasingly drifting towards bank teller’s desks and the Internet at the expense of insurance companies and independent agents.

Four tough months for the Greek government

19 October 2014 / 18:10:46  
Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is facing difficult negotiations on his country’s exit from the Memorandum and its sovereign debt: these are key issues for the presidential elections as well as for possible early parliamentary elections.

October 18th

Greeks have concerns about Ebola

18 October 2014 / 19:10:13  
71% of Greeks are worried by the prospect of an Ebola outbreak in the country; 73% – by an outbreak in Europe, yet most retain their trust in Greek physicians; 96.1% insist that illegal immigrants ought to be vetted.

The police has rounded up six Bulgarians for baby trafficking

18 October 2014 / 18:10:25  
A search is under way for another two accomplices – a woman from Bulgaria and a Greek lawyer who had been in charge of legal shenanigans; two infants and one child have been found after the arrests.