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Archive - Sep 15, 2013

Mountain and beautiful sea landscapes in western Fokida

15 September 2013 / 21:09:28  
Villages with rich revolutionary history, beautiful natural scenery around Morno dam and high mountain peaks, and the coastline of the Gulf of Corinth create wonderful scenery in the area

Plans and strategies of the 10 major Greek companies to tackle the crisis

15 September 2013 / 17:09:30  
The companies are planning to reduce functional costs and restructure loans, but also invest and expand abroad - in the USA, the Middle and Far East, Africa, etc.

Alleviations from the Troika for the surplus

15 September 2013 / 14:09:36  
The Ministry of Finance announced a financial surplus and the Bank of Greece – a deficit. The differences are due to parameters included in the budgeted