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Archive - Dec 14, 2013

Distraint on wages, deposits and bank safes without notice

14 December 2013 / 20:12:12  
To ensure the collection of taxes, the tax services can seize assets before the expiry of the deadline for the payment of obligations.

New scandalous cases of tax evasion

14 December 2013 / 17:12:59  
The case of Goulandris ship owners has been covered up by officials of the Ministry of Finance and political figures.

Sylvie Guillem will return to Athens

14 December 2013 / 12:12:02  
The audience of Athens will have the opportunity to enjoy the performances of the famous French ballerina and of the soloists of the Tokyo Ballet within the new cycle of gala performances at the Athens Concert Hall.

Tech journalist will be the most demanded profession in 2014

14 December 2013 / 00:12:59  
Tech news and media are becoming more attractive to the general reader and the role they are playing in this direction is the basis of the complex relationship between them and the big technology companies.