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Tech journalist will be the most demanded profession in 2014

14 December 2013 / 00:12:59  GRReporter
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Ivan Petkov

I have a special attitude towards tech news websites, which was formed as a result of some circumstances in my life. In the late 1990s, when I had no computer and smartphone, the only way to be informed about what was happening in the world of technology was through specialised newspapers and magazines which I would buy regularly and follow with great pleasure and passion. So, I had piles of paper that I had to submit for recycling if I did not want to be buried by them. At one point, I got a PC and my passion for print editions faded over time, but not because I had replaced them with electronic ones. I had to graduate, find a job and life problems took me in a direction in which I did not have the time and desire to follow news.

7-8 years ago, I still had only my old computer and a telephone, one of the cheapest models, but it had perfectly met my only requirement, namely that the battery charge should last for at least a week. The smartphones that had appeared seemed to me as expensive toys, I had no TV, I was not interested in any tech gadgets. At that time, I had to replace my old computer and it turned out that I needed help from friends, because I was not abreast of technological developments. I made an account on popular tech forums and, a little later, I found the already nonexistent Google Reader, through which I made my own stream of news. So, gradually and imperceptibly, I started to select my favourite tech websites and the pleasure of following tech news had returned.

Today I cannot imagine what I would do without the smartphone in my pocket, which I usually use to synchronize calendars, notes, events, thus turning it into my personal assistant. The reason for this is largely due to articles and tips that I have found in the tech media.

The wave of the mobile revolution that began in 2007 swept me away, along with millions of other people, throughout the world, and the tech media were the main barometer by which I measured what was happening. At first, the speed was not very high and the information about what was happening all over the world was late in reaching the Balkans. At that time, you could obtain a new and modern mobile widget only if someone had brought it to you from abroad. Otherwise, we had to wait for months until it was available through the official channels. At that time, tech media were again the only source of information, photos, videos, reviews, discussions and rumours... They were a way to make us at least slightly aware of the latest developments in the industry that were promising to change our perception of the World Wide Web, to communicate with one another and share content, and all this while we are on the move.

Why are tech media and news so important? It is because technology has intertwined with our way of life, thus creating a specific style. Believe it or not, today you can give a woman a tablet or smartphone and she will be so happy as if you are giving her one of the traditional gifts. Something that was not so likely a few years ago. The fair sex has begun to perceive the tech gadgets not only as a sign of social status but also as useful and practical things that help them in everyday life. And here I see the result of the activity of the tech media that have successfully reached and entered ordinary people’s lives, thus becoming part of it. In this way, they have changed the attitude of the general public towards the world of high technology and have turned the mobile gadgets into some of the most preferred gifts.

On the other hand, these media usually follow the development of some of the most profitable companies in the world today. The way they do this, the image they create is of great importance for the companies themselves. Tech media overseas are becoming increasingly important. Vala Afshar, who is considered one of the pioneers in cloud technology, customer relationships management (CRM) and corporate intelligence, has shared on Twitter that the creation of content related to the new technologies will be among the five most important marketing skills in 2014. Moreover, the journalistic skill in terms of reflecting the technological developments, analyzing trends and presenting interesting information from the world of technology will be the most important of these five skills.

I think that he is totally right. When some time ago Oprah Winfrey appeared with the current iPhone on her show, smartphone sales hit the highest levels. Of course, not every journalist or media are so influential but it is undeniable that media influence sales.

Here is my personal list of U.S. online media, which I think are some of the best in the world:


An American tech media, publishing articles, news, reviews, blogs and podcasts associated with consumer electronics. The media was established back in 1994 and it is a true veteran in the world of tech news. Currently it is owned by CBS Interactive and is associated with the software catalogue


This is a business and tech website, founded in 1991. It is part of CNET Networks and is owned by CBS Interactive. It has focused on business tech news and it has divisions worldwide.


This tech website offers news about social media, technology and web culture. It is not necessary to be an expert to understand or enjoy the content offered by the website. You can find reviews, articles and a lot of web-related and other technology news.


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