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Archive - Sep 2012

September 25th

Photo exhibition presents Smyrna’s prosperity before the Asia Minor catastrophe

25 September 2012 / 20:09:27  
It contains 72 photographs and is organized by the general secretariat for the media on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the end of the Greco-Turkish War in 1922.

International Monetary Fund accuses Latsis and Vardinoyanis of market manipulation

25 September 2012 / 18:09:55  
The information leaked in a publication in Wall Street Journal, which refers to the report of the financial organization. The Hellenic Competition Commission has stated that the two firms are dominant but there is yet no evidence of a cartel.

A young man arrested at Golden Dawn’s request for satire on Facebook

25 September 2012 / 14:09:27  
Citizens and political parties expressed their dissatisfaction with the violation of freedom of speech and compared the arrest on charges of blasphemy with the practices in countries such as Iran.

Arabs in Greece will not organize protests against the anti-Islam film

24 September 2012 / 21:09:50  
The chairman of the Muslim Association of Greece will not apologize to Samaras if New Democracy does not remove the videos with his statements against immigrants.

September 24th

Early retirement and redundancy of the disabled by 2014

24 September 2012 / 20:09:49  
The government is planning an early retirement for approximately 60,000 public workers in the next two and a half years. This measure is necessary because the Greek coalition government does not intend to resort to direct cuts.

live Chairman of parliament resigns temporarily

24 September 2012 / 19:09:56  
At Evangelos Meimarakis' request, the deputy chairmen of parliament will assume his duties in the course of the prosecutor's investigation of the 32 suspiciously rich deputies.

The Nazi past of Golden Dawn, which it now denies

24 September 2012 / 18:09:53  
Тhe Greek educational system does not provide enough information about Nazism and the consequences of its use during World War II, teachers say. Pupils do not realize how dangerous this ideology is and often become fans of its carriers.