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Archive - Sep 2012

September 29th

The man who accused three politicians of money laundering wants protection from the Prime Minister’s office

28 September 2012 / 23:09:58  
Chairman of parliament Evangelos Meimarakis has made his tax returns public and urged the justice to disclose all data associated with political persons.

Taxes increase again in order to avoid dismissals of public workers

28 September 2012 / 21:09:25  
Budget expenditure adjustment should save 11.5 billion euro in total. 7.5 billion euro will come from the cuts of wages, pensions and social security. The increase in the retirement age will save 1.1 billion euro by 2014 and 2.9 billion euro will come from structural reforms.

September 28th

The crisis has increased the interest in "Made in Greece"

28 September 2012 / 17:09:29  
Consumers’ mentality of the mid-nineties that looked for expensive, imported and luxury products has vanished with the changes in the social and economic life in Greece and now, their profile is diametrically opposite.

live The names of 36 Greek politicians who are under investigation for profiteering

28 September 2012 / 14:09:31  
Parties and individual deputies have called for the disclosure of the names of investigated politicians to stop the rumours that threw discredit on all representatives of political life.

The parliamentary immunity of Golden Dawn’s deputies has been removed

27 September 2012 / 22:09:12  
Konstantinos Barbarousis, George Germenis and Panagiotis Iliopoulos will lose their parliamentary protection because of the vandalism against foreign vendors.

Increase in infectious diseases and a risk of epidemics in Athens

27 September 2012 / 21:09:20  
According to a report of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, long forgotten diseases have returned to Greece, new ones have appeared and infectious diseases have spread so widely that there is a risk of epidemics.

September 27th

Social protests continue

27 September 2012 / 19:09:58  
On the eve of the adoption of the new austerity measures, the strikes of various professional groups and all employees in the public sector continue.