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Archive - Sep 2012

September 5th

Thessaloniki underground is about to collapse

05 September 2012 / 17:09:49  
Archaeological studies of the route had a budget of 15 million euro and were to be completed within 8-10 months. Instead, they continued for more than five years and cost the Greek taxpayer 90 million euro, the constructors said

Made in Athens

05 September 2012 / 15:09:14  
This is the motto of the Greek Pavilion at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale 2012, which is focusing on the capital - without inferiority complex, but without false megalomania too.

September 4th

Paralympics brought Greece the first three medals

04 September 2012 / 17:09:21  
Aristidis Makrodimitris reached the third place and won a bronze medal in Men’s 100 m freestyle swimming, S2 category, with a time of 2:21:04.

live Troika wants six workdays per week in Greece

04 September 2012 / 16:09:40  
Vima newspaper published an official document by the supervisors to the Greek government, which contains a list of reforms to improve the labour market and contribute to the revival of Greece’s productivity.

Four dead and one injured after a car accident

04 September 2012 / 14:09:17  
The driver and four passengers were young men at an average age of 20 years. The victims burned completely and they have not yet been identified.

20,202 euro was the average income of a Greek family in 2011

04 September 2012 / 14:09:49  
Tax returns show that the wealthiest Greeks live in the wealthy suburbs of Athens whereas the poorest ones reside in mountain villages in northern Greece and the smaller Dodecanese islands.

September 3rd

Doctors protest, the state owes them more than 800 million

03 September 2012 / 19:09:29  
Nine million people with health insurances will lose the option of taking advantage of free examinations due to the doctors' strike. They protest against the delayed payments by health insurance funds.