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Archive - Sep 2012

September 7th

The economic police froze the accounts and assets of 121 Greeks

07 September 2012 / 14:09:09  
The mechanism for freezing accounts, shares and property for unpaid taxes is being triggered for the first time, and according to the words of the Finance Minister, the entire operation is being monitored by the Prime Minister.

September 6th

Uniformed personnel are not stopping work, but protests are continuing

06 September 2012 / 20:09:01  
More than 10,000 Greek police officers, fire-fighters and coastguard officers gathered at the Kalimarmaro stadium to protest against the forthcoming wage cuts.

1.2 million unemployed in Greece in June

06 September 2012 / 14:09:10  
The deepening of the crisis and the deterioration of the economic environment are obvious, given that the unemployment rate in June 2011 was 17.2 per cent, and a year later, it reached 24.4%.

54,000 Greeks with suspicious accounts in Switzerland

06 September 2012 / 11:09:31  
The service for prevention of economic crimes has a CD with their names, as the total amount of the deposits is 20 billion euro, the agreement with Bern is temporarily suspended

Golden Dawn is now the third political power in Greece

06 September 2012 / 11:09:25  
New Democracy retains the lead with 25%, SYRIZA is only one per cent behind, shows a public opinion survey by Pulse agency

Clashes of police trade unionists with their colleagues from the civil unrest squad

06 September 2012 / 11:09:51  
About 50 protesters appeared suddenly in front of the Athens Police Academy in the early hours of the day and blocked the door from which the buses to Thessaloniki should have left. Over the weekend, the northern city will host the annual Thessaloniki International Fair. The state administration is increasing the police presence and is detaching commandos from Athens.

September 5th

Greece moves towards a full administrative black out

05 September 2012 / 20:09:51  
Judges, prosecutors, doctors, policemen and firemen rebel wage cuts. All of them are planning to strike, threatening that if the government did not give up, long protests in various forms would follow.