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13 January 2016 / 08:01:17
Many of the enthusiasts had arrived from Greece's neighbouring countries in the Balkans."We have travelled hundreds of miles to materialize our dream and have a pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers," says a young man from Bulgaria.
A proposal to award the Nobel...
The home of Greek language and...
Beauty is in the simple things
Reporter behind enemy lines
Wild 1920s are back in fashion
An inside look to the hidden treasures of the Greek capital. 
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The data has been extracted from the analysis of 11 specialized polling stations, where thousands of uniformed officers in the region of Attica voted. 
GRReporter | 14:06 | 19 06 12 |

Decorated candles, eggs, souvenirs and all animals associated with the Easter holiday take the lead in the shop windows of Athens. 
GRReporter | 23:04 | 12 04 12 |

Throughout the country and especially in Athens there are thousands of lawyers, many of whom have minimum end even zero monthly incomes as a result... 
GRReporter | 21:03 | 05 03 12 |

The news that the unfortunate man is called Kostis Mitsotakis sparked a wave of humorous comments in the media. No one in Greece is surprised that... 
GRReporter | 20:02 | 02 02 12 |

Anyone who has visited Athens once associates it with the Acropolis, the taverns in Plaka or with the Parliament building on Syntagma Square. In his... 
GRReporter | 17:02 | 03 02 12 |

There will be no Christmas tree this year, decided the Athens Municipality. Youths booed the Mayor protesting against the festivity. 
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The economic crisis has severely suppressed the reality of the average Greeks, but not their desire for entertainment. Inventive owners of cafes,... 
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The third girl told how the boys had cut her hand and held it above the Bible in order the blood to leak into it and torched Kirstie at the same time. 
GRReporter | 21:10 | 26 10 11 |

"When life gives you lemons, make yourself lemonade!" is my favourite saying, which always helps me in difficult moments. This is the story of the... 
GRReporter | 00:12 | 08 12 11 |

The Center Project aims to unite the people living and working in downtown Athens, to make them return there and give the best of ourselves to make... 
GRReporter | 22:09 | 28 09 11 |

"Yellow gold is eternal and can be worn regardless of fashion trends dominating during certain periods," says the renowned jeweler George Maramenos... 
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