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13 January 2016 / 08:01:17
Many of the enthusiasts had arrived from Greece's neighbouring countries in the Balkans."We have travelled hundreds of miles to materialize our dream and have a pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers," says a young man from Bulgaria.
A proposal to award the Nobel...
The home of Greek language and...
Beauty is in the simple things
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Wild 1920s are back in fashion
Working where new ideas from professionals in various fields are evolving makes you more creative and productive, promises the slogan of the new... 
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If you wonder who are those Greeks who go out on the roads, blocking the highway, striking, screaming and complaining of the reduction of the 13th,... 
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The exhibition of flowers, which started today on the Athens Kodziya Square to the City Hall, presents and offers more than 600 species of flowers... 
GRReporter | 17:05 | 20 05 11 |

The population census in Greece starts today and will last to the 24th of May with the aim to draw conclusions about the social and economic identity... 
GRReporter | 15:05 | 10 05 11 |

Thousands of amateur cyclists gathered this Sunday at the center of Athens to participate in the annual cycling tour of the capital. 
GRReporter | 16:05 | 08 05 11 |

The common in many parts of Greece Easter custom to throw and detonate firecrackers and fireworks took human casualties this year as well. 
GRReporter | 18:04 | 24 04 11 |

Roasted on a spit lamb, the soup from lamb offal "magiritsa", eggs and bread are the main dishes of Greek cuisine for Easter. 
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If you want a little romance and beauty from the familiar black and white movies of the 30s, 40s and 50s, where women are always elegant and men are... 
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Shortly before Easter hotel keepers are clearly optimistic that they would be able to fill their rooms during the holidays. They are glad that each... 
GRReporter | 19:04 | 19 04 11 |

Climbing walls and health parks are among the proposals of the Ministry of Health within the programme to promote sports. 
GRReporter | 17:03 | 15 03 11 |

The Ministry of Culture has decided to allow free attendance to all museums and archaeological sites in the country on the National Day. GRReporter... 
GRReporter | 22:03 | 25 03 11 |

Proverbial repair of the Athens railway, which extends for more than two years is about to stumble again.  
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