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13 January 2016 / 08:01:17
Many of the enthusiasts had arrived from Greece's neighbouring countries in the Balkans."We have travelled hundreds of miles to materialize our dream and have a pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers," says a young man from Bulgaria.
A proposal to award the Nobel...
The home of Greek language and...
Beauty is in the simple things
Reporter behind enemy lines
Wild 1920s are back in fashion
Drinking coffee has a long tradition in Greece. GRReporter tried to find out whether the Greeks have cut down on their favorite habit.  
GRReporter | 13:03 | 12 03 11 |

Grey skies and cold weather of latecoming winter may have prevented many Athenians to fly their kites in the sky over the city, but the tradition of... 
GRReporter | 16:03 | 07 03 11 |

Five Greek passenger ships will sail to Libya to evacuate Greece and China nationals and transport them back to Piraeus. The negotiations for the... 
GRReporter | 11:02 | 23 02 11 |

Young Greek entrepreneur Yasonas Tsakonas, together with a team of equally young and inspiring Greek and foreign architects, plan an “Extreme... 
GRReporter | 19:03 | 04 03 11 |

Despite the cut salaries Athenians celebrated the Valentine's Day in a proper manner. 
GRReporter | 20:02 | 14 02 11 |

The Greeks are masters of having good time, of the good cuisine and hospitality and in the month of carnivals they are in the throes. But not this... 
GRReporter | 19:02 | 19 02 11 |

Food products and raw materials from Germany have not been imported in Greece. Consumers are not afraid to buy chicken and eggs. 
GRReporter | 13:01 | 09 01 11 |

Christmas holidays in Greece are associated with the taste of honey sweets, breaking the New Year's loaf with the coin, the New Year's Eve card game... 
GRReporter | 18:01 | 01 01 11 |

Pedion tou Areos has been waiting to be visited for years. The park, favourite place for walking, jogging and backgammon, was abandoned for long and... 
GRReporter | 11:01 | 07 01 11 |

Motel Selenik is a colourful band of 17 young people who play modern folk music from the Balkans, Spain, Turkey, Serbia. The members of the orchestra... 
GRReporter | 21:01 | 02 01 11 |

The paved alley between the electric train station and the entrance of the Acropolis is filled with stalls during the weekends. Greeks, Frenchmen,... 
GRReporter | 10:11 | 29 11 10 |

Tons of waste "adorned" a lot of neighbourhoods in the centre of Athens in the last few weeks. Mountains of garbage really block the streets and the... 
GRReporter | 12:12 | 22 12 10 |