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Archive - Sep 3, 2014

"Pavlova" cakes are the hit in summer Athens

03 September 2014 / 19:09:18  
Two years already "Pavlova" pastry shop has been successful and preferred by customers. According to its owner Effie Yialousi, its success is due to the fact that all the products are of top quality, distinctive and handmade.

The tomb in Amphipolis was probably built in a natural hill rather than in a mound

03 September 2014 / 17:09:19  
This is the opinion of Bulgarian archaeologist Diana Dimitrova, who is a member of the research team that 10 years ago discovered the tomb of Odrysian king Seuthes III. Unlike Amphipolis, Golyamata Kosmatka mound was built by human activity. Another significant difference between the two tombs is their vaults - semi-cylindrical in Amphipolis and cantilevered arched in Golyamata Kosmatka.

One billion euro per year is the damage from fuel smuggling

03 September 2014 / 10:09:03  
Ethnos newspaper indicates 6 ways of illegal sale of petrol, diesel, heating oil and bunker fuel.