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Archive - Sep 11, 2014

The Democratic Left party disintegrates

11 September 2014 / 19:09:52  
Two days after former secretary Spiros Likoudis left the party another 24 members of the central committee today announced their withdrawal.

"Little England" is the Greek Foreign Language Film nominee for an Oscar

11 September 2014 / 17:09:15  
The film presents the life on Andros Island in the 1930s and 1940s, telling the life stories of sailors' wives who bear the burden of the daily round alone.

Breakfast in the morning is not only healthy but also contributes to a better figure

11 September 2014 / 16:09:09  
However, 4 out of 10 Bulgarian women do not eat breakfast because they are not hungry in the morning. According to experts, this is a sure sign that they had too many culinary delights in the evening.

One of the largest privatisation deals in Greece is challenged

11 September 2014 / 12:09:37  
According to the Supreme Court, the privatisation procedure of the former Elliniko airport violated the principles of transparency, fairness and competition.

Two Bulgarians arrested for murder

11 September 2014 / 10:09:01  
In collaboration with two Greeks they entered the home of an elderly couple, killed a 84-year-old man, intoxicated and beat a 94-year-old woman, and stole 350 euro from their flat.