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Archive - Mar 18, 2013

Nazi salute at the stadium splits Greece

18 March 2013 / 20:03:48  
Some say that the football player should be punished very severely, while others are more self-critical and believe that his action is caused by ignorance and poor culture.

Greek bankers paid the true cost of the crisis

18 March 2013 / 17:03:03  
The value of shares of all banks is zero and the peanuts, against which they are being traded on the stock exchange, are the hope of future profits rather than a present assessment as stated by financial expert Kostis Lympouridis in his analyses of the problem "banks vs economic crisis - who pays the bill..."

Alket Rizaj – the denouement

18 March 2013 / 15:03:13  
With a small transistor and a battery taped to his body, Albanian recidivist Alket Rizaj was able to deceive the Greek police for nearly 24 hours that he had half a kilo of C4 type explosive attached to his body.

live Cyprus has postponed the vote for Tuesday

18 March 2013 / 14:03:31  
Finance Minister Michael Sarris announced that he has obtained permission from Commissioner Olli Rehn to reduce the rate of cut of bank deposits to 100 thousand euro. An emergency meeting of finance ministers of the member states of the Euro zone will take place in the afternoon.

live Cyprus in anticipation of the crucial vote in parliament

18 March 2013 / 14:03:20  
If the country does not receive support from the lenders, its banking system will collapse.