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Archive - Mar 14, 2013

Canadian Warren Buffett invests in NBG

14 March 2013 / 23:03:10  
The news came a day after the investment fund of Qatar announced its interest in buying NBG’s subsidiary in Turkey, Finansbank, for five billion euro and in taking part in the recapitalization of the Greek bank with an additional one billion euro.

Ready-to-bake bread vs local bakery

14 March 2013 / 22:03:03  
According to the Hellenic Federation of Bakers, the state has to put a special sign to distinguish the bakeries that offer freshly kneaded and baked bread from those which use frozen ready-to-bake dough imported from third countries.

Strikes and protests blocked Athens

14 March 2013 / 20:03:14  
All protests were associated with the public sector. Their main demands can be united under the slogan "no to any reform." Several hours earlier, Antonis Samaras' meeting with the supervisory Troika had ended ingloriously.

Three blue deputies supported the Golden Dawner Kasidiaris, thus causing a political storm

14 March 2013 / 14:03:28  
Their vote provoked the sharp reaction of Antonis Samaras. One of them is the secretary of New Democracy Manolis Kefaloyiannis, who will not be removed from office.