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Archive - Feb 7, 2013

Police find a new hiding place of terrorists

07 February 2013 / 21:02:38  
They are not members of our group as stated by the persons accused of involvement in "Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei". A manifesto of theirs has been found in the other hiding place of the apprehended, namely in the Athens suburb of Halandri.

The state administration is spending freely despite the crisis

07 February 2013 / 19:02:59  
According to the report of the court of accounts, municipalities are at the top of the ranking as regards the most corrupt practices. The judges were able to block the withdrawal of € 146.5 million euro for illegal and unnecessary costs in 2010 alone.

Household incomes have fallen by 40% since the beginning of the crisis

07 February 2013 / 18:02:40  
As shown by the results of the annual research on the financial condition of Greek households conducted by the confederation of craftsmen and merchants. The average value of the reduction in income of citizens measured in Greece is 40% compared to the period before the crisis.

Piraeus and Millennium negotiate a merger

07 February 2013 / 12:02:02  
The sale of Millennium will close the circle of acquisition of foreign banks in the Greek market and will mark the beginning of the absorption of smaller local banks into the structures of larger financial institutions.

live The Court of Appeal upholds the sentence of Yanko Stoimenov

07 February 2013 / 10:02:01  
A three-member panel of the Court of Appeal in Athens has confirmed that the four employees of Helios Airways are to blame for the crash of Boeing 737-300, which took place near Athens on 14 August 2005. The judges, however, have reduced the sentence of the defendants - effective jail was replaced with a cash bail.