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Archive - Jan 9, 2013

The National Bank of Greece (NBG) and Eurobank will merge in February

09 January 2013 / 21:01:14  
The proposal of the National Bank of Greece provides for the acquiring of all ordinary shares of Eurobank and the issuing of new shares with a nominal value of one euro per share. 58 shares of the new scheme will correspond to 100 shares of the old Eurobank.

Witnesses in the "Lagarde List" case have been given another delay

09 January 2013 / 20:01:14  
The suspects stated before the prosecution that the amounts in the Swiss branch of HSBC were legal and that they had paid taxes on them. Now, the investigation is about to prove or refute this.

The fight for Villa Amalia

09 January 2013 / 19:01:48  
Anarchists occupied the building again in protest against the breaking up of the anarchist commune. In response, the police seized more than 100 people and "cleared" another occupied building.

Private firms deal in confidential information of millions of Greeks

09 January 2013 / 14:01:49  
The police have revealed a firm selling the data to banks, firms and pawnshops. The authorities state that the data are similar to those that had "leaked" from three ministries.