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Archive - Jan 15, 2013

A new witness in the "Lagarde List" case has been found

15 January 2013 / 20:01:11  
The former head of the tax service Yiannis Diotis argues in his testimonies, that he had ordered one of his office workers to make a copy of the contents of the USB memory containing the "Lagarde List".

Greece is to participate in Eurovision

15 January 2013 / 19:01:30  
According to sources, the private music channel MAD will bear the cost of participation in the contest in Malmö.

The financial elite of Athens honours Lucas Papademos

15 January 2013 / 18:01:51  
The Institute for Industrial and Economic Research (IOBE) awarded the former Prime Minister of Greece Lucas Papademos for his contribution to the national economy. He led last year the interim government of the country, negotiated the second package for the financial stability of Greece and implemented the haircut of the Greek debt by more than 100 billion euro.

The attackers were planning to shoot a rocket at the headquarters of New Democracy

15 January 2013 / 15:01:39  
The police state that if the testimonies of the witnesses are proven, the return of "heavy terrorism" in Greece will be a fact.

live The prosecutor confirms the criminal convictions of Helios’ employees

15 January 2013 / 12:01:41  
The prosecutor rejected the request of the defence for a reinvestigation of the causes of the plane crash to be carried out.