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Archive - Mar 25, 2012

The parade for the 25th of March took place peacefully in Athens and with tension in the provinces

25 March 2012 / 23:03:13  
Low citizens' participation, MPs also did not attend, security measures were draconian

This is how hooligans act

25 March 2012 / 18:03:28  
The armour, the main weaknesses for the introduction of "ammunition" in the stadiums and the answers of the Greek police

How will the organization “Invest in Greece” operate

25 March 2012 / 14:03:27  
It will take orders from investors and will carry out all lawful action to complete the procedures for issuing the necessary permits

This is Sparta!

25 March 2012 / 13:03:06  
Mythical Sparta, the greatest military force in ancient Greece, today is a city with interesting sights, but also a starting point for excursions into the beautiful surrounding areas and villages.