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Archive - Dec 13, 2012

At the nadir of their popularity, PASOK remembered the poorest

13 December 2012 / 21:12:59  
Evangelos Venizelos evaded the question as to why he had not taken the measures when he was Finance Minister, saying that the right moment for social cohesion was now, when improvement in the economy is expected.

The baby has no name until baptised ranked first among the strangest Greek traditions, according to readers of GRReporter

13 December 2012 / 21:12:55  
Faithful to their warm blood and Mediterranean character, the Greeks have their own way of taking both the joys and blows of life. For example, we can see them dance when they are sad or break plates and shout loudly when merry.

Report to Nikos Kazantzakis

13 December 2012 / 18:12:40  
An exhibition to celebrate the 130th anniversary since the birth of the writer was opened in Athens. It will display books, photographs and personal items of the writer.

Only Alpha Bank has chances to remain private

13 December 2012 / 16:12:35  
While private investors are estimating their losses, caused by the reduction of debt burden for the country, the government found out that the buyback will not have the expected effect. The exchange of part of the debt resulted in a 9.5% external debt relief by 2020, which, however, differs from the initial plan.

The new homeless are male, under 55, single or divorced

13 December 2012 / 00:12:17  
According to unofficial data submitted by "Klimaka" organization, the number of homeless people in Greece is 20 thousand and in addition to the lack of housing, their most serious problems are the lack of health services, employment and personal hygiene.