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Archive - Nov 20, 2009

Lady Gaga & Bolshoi Ballet?

20 November 2009 / 19:11:27  
Remember the movie Are we there yet? This is the question many people ask themselves on Monday morning. Well, now I have good news! Yes, we are there – it’s Friday! I hope you have a great weekend planned so I’ll do my best to make it even better with some good music.

Maria Damanaki is the new EU Commissioner of Greece

20 November 2009 / 13:11:07  
Greece is negotiating with the EC so that Maria Damanaki will be responsible for subjects connected to labor, shipping and healthcare.

Auditors will unravel tax returns of private doctors

20 November 2009 / 12:11:49  
Most private doctors declare income less than €30 000.

2010 brings economic growth on a global scale but Greece remains in recession

20 November 2009 / 10:11:37  
A research published by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development reports that the Greek economy will improve at a later stage.

Indymedia separated the Greek university community

20 November 2009 / 10:11:40  
The website is publishing appeals by the terrorist organization "Conspiracy of the fiery nuclei".

Ronaldinho's second home is Greece

20 November 2009 / 09:11:12  
The Brazilian is purchasing properties in Mykonos and Sounio.