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Stars give Barack Obama more chances for a victory

20 October 2012 / 18:10:58  GRReporter
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In October, the world is interested in the U.S. presidential elections. Who will be the next global leader? Today I will write about how the individual horoscope tells whether a man is capable of being a leader. In its essence, leadership is nothing more than a combination of two things - the ability to dominate over others, to influence them, and the ability to make them follow you. Only those who are able to influence people and make them follow them can be called leaders. There is a very funny aphorism that if you think you are a leader, but there is nobody following you, then you are just going for a walk.

We can speak of leadership in almost every area of life: from the smallest social unit - the family - to leadership on a large scale - government leaders, leaders in politics. The leadership factors in the horoscope are complex and no conclusions can be drawn from the sun sign or a given planet alone. The Sun, the Moon, Mars and the corners in the horoscope - the Ascendant and the Medium of heaven (MC) - are the most important.

There were times when power and leadership weren't given by the people - royal crowns were inherited and power was undeniable, it did not depend on votes and mandates and it was practically unlimited. This is the symbol of the Sun - the undisputed ruler over everything and everyone on our planet. That is why the Sun in the horoscope is an important factor for the prestige and power a person can naturally achieve. The Sun in the signs Leo and Aries is in the best position and if you were born under these zodiac signs, you think that it is your natural due to come into undeniable and unlimited power over everybody who happens to be around. Of course, the same thing can be observed in the rest of the zodiac signs as well, but it is not as innate as in these two signs.

Today, however, power is obtained on a different principle - it stems from the vote of the people and it is not unlimited and may be taken away. This is the symbol of the Moon. Therefore, the Moon is also a very important factor and in today's world it is the more important planet in terms of power. The Moon represents popularity among people and today this is an essential condition for any leader. The Moon is in an extremely strong position in the signs Taurus and Cancer. And usually people with Moon in these signs get popularity in a very natural way. The question, however, is what kind of popularity they achieve. I remember Bill Clinton, in whose horoscope the Sun is in the sign Leo and the Moon is in the sign Taurus. I guess the first thing you will immediately remember is the infamous Monica Lewinsky story.

Mars is the third most important planet. It symbolizes how and where we put our energy received from the Sun, what we stand for, how we prove ourselves. A leader is first and foremost a fighter. And this is impossible without Mars. Mars indicates how we fight our way in life. In politics and state, however, curbing this energy is a necessary condition. In other words, Mars in a strong position (in the signs Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn) is not always a guarantee for success, because it really brings a great fighting spirit, with the charisma of a person in action, but this charisma is also too selfish and incongruous with the others. And that is not tolerated by the people giving the power.

The Medium of heaven (MC) is the highest achievement in our lives - our reputation, the authority and power to which we aspire. This is our personal aspiration and our personal sense of self.

The Ascendant is the way in which we represent ourselves in society. It specifies how the others see us and the way we want to represent ourselves in society. Regardless of the position of the Sun, the Moon and Mars, if the Ascendant doesn't allow social "visibility", the leadership covers only a very narrow range.

Since ancient times the sign Libra in the Ascendant has been considered as the most favourable for leadership. This is the sign of diplomacy, the sign of cooperation and partnership. As a consequence, the seventh house in the horoscope also has immense importance in terms of skills for communication with people, negotiations and agreements. Libra is the central of all the air signs, to which Gemini and Aquarius belong as well. These three zodiac signs - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius - have a major significance when it comes to policy, leadership and public activity. They are related to people and humanity as a whole. Of all the signs in the zodiac, they are the most strongly related to relationships between people and especially to the desire for power, for domination and leadership over a group of people. Consequently the 3rd, the 7th and the 11th houses are also given a great importance in this connection.

If you have carefully followed everything so far, the conclusion is this: for leadership, it is important for the signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius to be accented, but also Aries and Leo as secondary signs because they bring the natural attitude that they were born to lead and to get power by default. The 3rd, 7th and 11th houses need also to be accented, as well as their relation to the Sun, the Moon, Mars, the Ascendant and the Medium of heaven. As an additional condition, it is necessary for one of these three planets to be located in a corner position - around the axes in the horoscope Ascendant / Descendant or MC / IC.

Whether a person has innate leadership qualities is something different from the way he or she will apply them. There are leaders in every sphere of life. But how can we tell whether someone will be a leader on a large scale - in government structures and politics?

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