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Stars give Barack Obama more chances for a victory

20 October 2012 / 18:10:58  GRReporter
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This is a more special question, and I will briefly mention the most important things. Then, I will give a specific example of the people taking part in the biggest political battle in November - the current U.S. President Barack Obama and his rival Mitt Romney.

1. We are starting from the Moon Nodes, in order to find out whether the man has a place in big politics, business areas or regular society; whether his way is individual or if it has more to do with people and public activity. If you want to read more details on this, refer to my articles about the Moon Nodes. In this article, I will give information only about the examples.

2. How are the Sun, the Moon and Mars positioned? In which signs do the Ascendant and the Medium Coeli (MC) fall?

3. What is the position of the planets responsible for the social stratum in which the person will live? These planets are Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn indicates the person's frames of movement within society - where his or her origin is, to which social stratum he or she belongs, the type of environment and activity which are the most suitable for him or her. Jupiter indicates how the person will participate in this society, what is his or her attitude towards this environment and social belonging.

4. How is Pluto positioned? In the horoscope, this is a special planet (although astronomers have degraded Pluto as a planet, astrologers still consider it as such). The house it falls into indicates in which areas a given person will be really enthusiastic to have a great impact on people and to achieve power - the bigger, the better. Whether it is for good or bad is another matter. Pluto in astrology doesn't make such a difference in humane and human aspect.

Now I will make a brief analysis of the horoscopes of both presidential candidates - Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The data are taken from the official astrological database of Lewis Rodin. Its reliability rating is the highest.

I am starting with the current President Barack Obama.

1. Moon Nodes – North / South Node.

They are positioned in the sign Leo, the 7th house and in the sign Aquarius, the 1st house, respectively. This automatically brings us to what is the most important in Obama's life - the challenges are in terms of social development and relations with others. Personal power, will and initiative are challenged to be directed towards the benefit of others, of social groups. These kind of people are the ones who play the role of "guardians and protectors" of society. The North Moon Node in the 7th house is related to the stratum of power. This is the path of the people involved in administrative and executive power. These are governors, legislators, judiciary, men and women of power, public defenders (including the military). The people who take care of the common good, welfare, peace and harmony in society - the people of the "public figure" type, those who are given power in the name of the people.

2. How are the Sun, the Moon and Mars positioned? In which signs do the Ascendant and the Medium Coeli (MC) fall (the highest point to which the individual aspires)?

The Sun is in the sign Leo - Obama is naturally set-up to "reign", to receive power and to shine. In addition, the Sun is in a corner position around the Descendant (the 7th house) - it is extremely well positioned and focused on putting its energy in people, in communication, in leadership and diplomacy. For Obama, the sources of life energy are the people and communication with them.

The Moon is in the sign Gemini, the 4th house. Again in a corner position, in a sign associated with humanity and power over people. This position also indicates gaining of popularity with extreme ease.

Mars is in the sign Virgo, around the top of the 8th house. In this sign Mars is ruled by Mercury (the logical intellect). This makes him a "curbed fighter" who does not react impulsively. The position at the top of the 8th house gives him extraordinary qualities to make his way in life - Obama certainly knows how to break down even the soundest walls, to make his way into the nature and abilities of others, to find the most appropriate place for everyone.

The Ascendant is in the sign Aquarius - the public perceives him as a defender of the common good, an expert in human nature, innovator, full of ideas, someone who knows how to "awaken" and how to push on reforms.

Medium Coeli (MC) - in the sign Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto. This point indicates the highest point to which we aspire and which we can achieve. The sign Scorpio indicates attitudes towards maximum influence and power in the sphere of realization.

So far, it turns out that the dominant factors are related to human signs and houses, responsible for leadership and power in society - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius / 3rd, 7th and 11th houses. The two planets have corner positions and MC is ruled by the "warrior" Mars and the power aspiring Pluto.

3. What is the position of the planets responsible for the social stratum in which the person will live? These planets are Jupiter and Saturn.

Saturn is located in the sign Capricorn - the sign of structures, state and law, the stratum of those who construct. The environment and the activity which are best suited to him are related to climbing the social ladder and participation in administrative and state processes.

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