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Stars give Barack Obama more chances for a victory

20 October 2012 / 18:10:58  GRReporter
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Jupiter is positioned in the sign Pisces - a sign associated with large communities and revolutionary reforms. The two planets are in a conjunct, called "royal", a great junction in ancient times. People with such a conjunct often go outside the social stratum in which they were born. They are natural rebels and always strive to break the social and societal frameworks, imposed on them. They become excellent diplomats, ideologists, leaders and politicians.

The house, in which the two planets fall, is the 12th - the house of sacrifice, but the house of backstage way of life as well, which is very typical of the realm of politics. One of the most interesting things about astrology is that the 12th house and the sign Pisces are very strongly associated with the ability to influence people subconsciously and are often present as an accent in the horoscopes of prominent public figures.

4. How is Pluto positioned?

Pluto is a generational planet (its stay in one zodiac sign is within about 20-25 years), therefore the house position is more important. In Obama's horoscope, it is in the 7th house - again associated with relationships between people and especially with the desire for power, for domination and leadership over a group of people.

Now let's see what things in Mitt Romney's horoscope look like. Then, I will make a brief prognosis about who has more chances of winning the battle for the presidency.

1. Moon Nodes – North / South Node.

They are positioned in the sign Gemini, 1st house and in the sign Sagittarius, 7th house, respectively. Again, we have the same themes as in Obama's case, but reversed - Romney has a talent to work in service of  thers and of public groups. And the sign, in which the North Node is, indicates that the personal strength is acquired through power. But unlike Obama, Romney's path has less to do with communication, than with personal will, personal manifestation and personal creativity. Power is desirable, but more difficult to achieve, since the main theme of Romney is self-proving and individuality, authoritarianism rather than partnership and cooperation. The Moon Nodes also show that Romney stands out very easily and has some magnetism for others. Take his appearance, for example - there is something like a "defect" in it, which gives him, however, more "effect" than usual, making him noticeable and interesting.

Compared to Obama, Romney has much better abilities to gather people around himself. But this is a talent which is focused on personal manifestations, individualistic acts, and not on mutual and collective ones.

2. How are the Sun, the Moon and Mars positioned? In which signs do the Ascendant and the Medium Coeli (MC) fall (the highest point to which the individual aspires)?

The Sun is in the sign Pisces in the 11th house - Romney does not have the natural setting to "reign" and to exercise power. Pisces is the sign of sacrifice, but the house of backstage way of life as well, which is very typical of the realm of politics. Power is often necessary for other purposes. The 11th house, however, is strongly associated with the desire for power, for domination and leadership over a group of people.

The Moon is in the sign Scorpio, at the top of the 7th house. The sign of the Moon has nothing to do with leadership, but more with satisfaction of feeling your power and control over the others. In this sign the Moon is very special - it speaks of the need to handle the possessions of others, to be in a position from where you have an access to these possessions and rights to distribute them. Moreover, the Moon is in a conjunct with Jupiter, which further strengthens it. It is in a corner position, indicating gaining popularity with extreme ease.

Mars is in the sign Pisces, 11th house, together with the Sun. The combination of the Sun and Mars endows a man with enormous energy, activity, permanent action, it gives busy-ness. Romney's business set-up is absolute. And he has a great desire to lead, to rule, but in a somewhat authoritative manner - as in a time of war, when the General's word is a law. This provides a very good ability to fight, to make quick decisions, but democracy has no place here - "If you want us to win, you must obey my orders." This conjunct in the 11th house, gives Romney a lot of good qualities to act quickly in emergencies. It also gives him strategic skills, and if it comes down to when someone has to pull the people out of crisis situations, he can be irreplaceable as a leader. But this has another aspect as well - it makes him quick-tempered and impatient, lacking ability to realize the human factor around himself and it brings a lot of authoritarianism.

The Ascendant is in the sign Gemini - communication, information; a very sociable, cooperative, responsive and flexible person. Society perceives him this way.

Medium Coeli (MC) - in the sign Aquarius, ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Aspirations are to be a part of social processes which affect large groups of people. And a desire to stand out with something individual, to dominate over these groups. Although the sign Aquarius is the sign of humanity, it is not a prerequisite to mingle with the crowd. On the contrary - there is an aim to stand out with an idea, a cause, an innovation and novelty.

So far, it turns out that everything is mainly associated with human signs and houses, responsible for leadership - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius / 3rd, 7th and 11th houses. Power, domination and power again.

3. What is the position of the planets responsible for the social stratum in which the person will live? These planets are Jupiter and Saturn.

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