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Sexual attractiveness

07 January 2012 / 15:01:38  GRReporter
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Welcome to the land of absurdities, which very often turn out to be true in the end! No sense if we follow the principle of strong=bright and weak=nondescript. At the same time it is perfectly logical given how men and women naturally function when it comes to their sexual attraction and magnetism. Indeed, rules are covered in the male horoscope, but not in the women’s. The mystery was simple. Almost all the rules, postulates and basic concepts of astrology are developed primarily on male horoscopes. In addition, all astrologers up to a century ago were men and they mostly did horoscopes for men. In modern astrology rules were transferred without taking into account the different nature of the functioning of a woman when talking about relationships, sex and intimacy. It is precisely in this part that rules must be polarized in line with the polarity between men and women.

First I want to say that sexual attraction is not equal to sexual skills, satisfaction, and presence or absence of intimate life. Sexually attractive people are not always happy in their intimate life, but in contrast, they have the attraction, that pulls people to them. The same with people with lower sexual attractiveness, who are not necessarily unhappy and unsatisfied in their intimate lives.

Moreover, we should not automatically assume that sexually attractive people necessarily maintain multiple and promiscuous relationships, although with men we do observe an increased incidence of multiple relations, since for a full circle of surrender, they need to reach a sexual act.

Strong Venus and Moon are loaded with lots of magnetism and do not have serious "hunger" for one. Therefore, women with strong Venus and Moon in the individual horoscope do not need so much to accept the magnetism of men and therefore they are less sexually attractive to men. They do not constantly strive for attention and flirt. They might be described as very beautiful, but they do not attract the male appetite as much as any other more nondescript beauty.

Strong Venus and Moon in a male horoscope show strong magnetic charge, ready to be given to women. Such a man is inexplicably attractive to all "hungry" women for magnetism. He may not be particularly handsome, nor much of a distinguished lover, but is described as very attractive and magnetic.

Poorly placed Venus and Moon in the horoscope of a woman make her extremely hungry and looking for men's magnetism. Men feel this and are happy to deliver it to her because by nature they need to give. Such a woman becomes very attractive to them because of her needs. Similarly, poorly placed Venus and Moon in the horoscope of a man make him less attractive to women because he carries less magnetism.

The above mentioned describes the natural extremes, which are rare in their pure form. Everyone has a sexual attraction located on the scale between the two extremes. Aspects from other planets to Venus and the Moon in the individual horoscope, their position towards the corners Ascendant and Midheaven also affect how “rich” the magnetic field is and influence its shape and strength. A highly placed planet without direct "output" in the world is impeded in its manifestation. And vice versa - not such a strongly placed planet, but with a good "exit" in the world is fully manifested. The evaluation is complex and involves the aggregation of details and elements in the horoscope.

Now I suppose you will be interested to find out what strongly placed Venus and Moon means in the horoscope. It is difficult to describe all the possible options in a short article. But for general information I will give brief information mainly on the zodiac signs. Venus is first in importance, as it shows visibly, what is seen and felt at first contact. The Moon comes out on the stage of our lives much later.

The strongest areas for Venus in the zodiac circle are the following:

Sign Pisces. This sign holds the lead. The strongest manifestation of it is in the middle of the sign between 10° and 20°.
Sign Taurus. The strongest manifestation is in the middle of the sign - between 10° and 20°.
Sign Libra. The strongest manifestation is the end of the sign between 20° and 30°.

The weakest areas for Venus are the following:
Sign Virgo. This sign holds the lead. Exception is this sign is the area 10° - 20°, in which Venus has some effect but not so great.
Sign Aries with the exception of the last 10° of it. In other words Venus has weakness in the area 0° - 20° of the sign, but in the last 10° it becomes a "tablespoon" full of force.
Sign Scorpio with the exception of the last 10° of it. Like the sign of Aries.

When it comes to the other signs, Venus may receive a different strength percentage, which is considered in a complex way based on the exact position of the sign, its relations with other planets and the position of the angles. But in order to give you a way to make a distinction and understand it better, it is better placed in the signs Cancer and Capricorn and worse placed in the signs Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

The strongest areas of the Moon in the zodiacal circle are the following:

Sign Taurus. This sign holds the lead. The strongest manifestation is in the middle of the sign - between 10° and 20°.
Sign Cancer.

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