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Planets guide our home interior as well

15 July 2012 / 18:07:51  GRReporter
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Bear in mind that the descriptions, which I give, are general, according to the basic nature of the star signs and planets. It is important in which sign the planet is, which is responsible for the 4th home in your horoscope.

Ascendant or Sun in the sign Aries

The fourth home falls in the sign Cancer and the Moon is responsible for everything, related to your home. The Moon is one of the fastest moving planetary bodies in the Solar system and this leads to frequent changes in your home. Do not worry, especially if you don’t have your own home, because you can live almost anywhere. You are able, literally, to change your entire interior or to change your whole home, if you live in rented accommodation. You prefer little furniture, with which to be comfortable and satisfy only your real needs. Similar to the crab as a species, it amounts to the quantity you can carry on your back. You are able to feel at home very quickly anywhere, it suffices to carry your favourite pillow.

Although you easily make changes, you try to bring a lot of coziness and atmosphere, which  is distinguished by simplicity and naturalness. You won't spend much time in furnishing, as constancy is not your strong side. You prefer furniture, which is easily movable, easily cleaned and maintained. You certainly have things in your home, which can be very old, but you won't part with them.

The sign's characteristic, in which the Moon falls, also gives a reflection upon your main preferences.

Ascendant or Sun in the sign Taurus

The fourth home falls in the sign Leo and the Sun is responsible for everything, related to your home. Therefore, everyone, who is at least a little acquainted with the star signs, has heard that Taureans are strong materialists and have a huge appetite for possessions. In fact, they think extremely highly of all their possessions, especially the home and their property. And this is due to the fact, that the areas, for which the Sun is responsible, are those, which we want "to glow, to shine". These are the areas, from which we draw our vitality and energy, and for us they are the thing, by which we find the meaning of our life.

The home for you is an extremely valuable investment and a symbol of your state in society. You handle carefully everything, related to it. To live in a rented home for you means almost punishment, and you struggle every way you can to obtain your own home. It is the source of your self-confidence and stability in life. You surround yourself with valuable furniture and possessions. Everything in your home bears the mark of the highest quality - price, functionality and a beautiful design are merged into one. And if these things are rare, of collector's value - even better. You love to have light, for it to be almost like day, even during the night. And a lot of warmth. The sign's characteristic, in which the Sun falls, also gives a reflection upon your main preferences.

Ascendant or Sun in the sign Gemini

The fourth home falls in the sign Virgo and Mercury is responsible for it. Regardless of the fact that you can be rather careless at first sight, your home is ruled by real order and is sparklingly clean. You are extremely attached to all varieties of cupboards, drawers, shelves, so that you can put everything in order in a line. I wouldn’t even be surprised if you have a list of where you can find everything. You hate scattered things at home. They are taken out, used and then put again in their places. Inevitably in their right places.

You can use the space at home in the most suitable way. Each nook is well measured and is optimally used. You like the clean lines, the plain colours and the practicality. You don’t allow anything unnecessary, you don’t allow anything to remain unused. You won't buy a thing for your home, just because it is beautiful.
The most important quality of a home for you is for it to be clean and in order. There is certainly not a single day, that passes by without you cleaning and reordering a corner in your home.

The sign's characteristic, in which Mercury falls, also gives a reflection upon your main preferences.

Ascendant or Sun in the sign Cancer

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