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The Ascendant is important but the Moon is even more important

21 April 2012 / 20:04:25  GRReporter
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Sagittarius Ascendant
    The ruling planet is Jupiter. As I mentioned at the beginning, Jupiter is not hostile.  It has a mostly neutral attitude towards others. These people attract others with ease, almost in droves. They are not distinguished for special social skills, just the opposite. But they have something really special - their attractiveness is due to the fact that others hear only what they want to hear. They have a particular style of speaking, of combining words, arranging phrases and sounds and this has an incredible impact on people - to hear trumpets and bells that someone will make their dreams come true. Often, there is the disappointment of being deceived.
But to be fair, these people can sometimes make your dreams come true. But on one condition - to make it their way, to follow them quietly and silently and obey their requirements. It seems difficult, right? Especially when it is about your dreams.
Capricorn Ascendant
    The ruling planet is Saturn. One of the biggest myths in astrology is that Saturn is malicious. Actually, looking at the table, it appears that Saturn is hostile only to a single planet, friendly to only one planet again and is absolute neutral like Switzerland. These people inspire respect. They are terribly afraid that they will not notice a thing, will admit it and it will destroy their internal harmony, stability, even their lives. Therefore, they try to adhere to a behaviour, which does not attract much attention. It seems like a repulsion, which is highly attractive at the same time. People like them, but rarely attempt to get closer. Nevertheless, they themselves are able to live fully and adequately without a crowd around them.
Aquarius Ascendant
    The ruling planet is Saturn (and Uranus). These people always attract attention. It is not about liking at first sight. They hardly remain unnoticed and others are interested in them-to see what they are about. They have some idealism as if they come from another world. There is something unusual and unfamiliar in the way they communicate. Although they are visible and attract the interest of people to themselves, others rarely like them very much and it is not very easy to communicate with them. There is usually a barrier - "We may have a great time together and communicate well, but you should not get too close." Such a nonverbal message makes others stay away and have mixed feelings. In people with this Ascendant, outright rejection can sometimes be seen, which does not bring them a lot of friendship and liking. But they somehow manage to move between sympathy and antipathy, to keep their contacts at least.  
Pisces Ascendant
    The ruling planet is Jupiter (and Neptune). These people easily make friendships. And just as easily break them. I would not say that they have a special charm of lasting appeal, nor that people go crazy when they appear. What attracts people to them is their conviction that everything is possible in this world. They speak with such an optimism, treat others in a unique way and this makes them believe that they are unique, at first at least. Then, there is the great fall - for others, not for them. When born with such an Ascendant, liking is rarely permanent. They themselves demonstrate promiscuity in their lives - in their interests, in their relationships, in their activities, in their commitments, in almost everything.

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