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The Ascendant is important but the Moon is even more important

21 April 2012 / 20:04:25  GRReporter
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    A few years ago, I came across a book entitled "How to win friends and influence people." written by Dale Carnegie. I realized from the preface that this is one of the bestselling books of all time, translated into 35 languages ​​and read by millions of people. The book was certainly interesting , although I am not sure that the advice in it is effective. But it made me think that everyone has an instinctive drive to be liked by people. The more people, the better. There are few exceptions to this rule.
    Today's article will cover this topic – do people like us easily. Why sometimes, despite our good behaviour, attitude and good appearance we fail to appeal to many people. And sometimes, even if we  do not behave so well, do not have a good attitude and do not make a lot of effort to look good, people still gather around us, love us and easily forgive us.
    The Ascendant in the horoscope defines "Who am I when I am in contact with others? What is the first impression I make on people? What is my behaviour in society? ". All people see us through the filter of the ascendant during the first contact with us. The planet that rules the Ascendant plays a key role in whether, and how much, people like us at first.
    At a deeper level, we find the role of the Moon in the horoscope. The moon in the horoscope is crucial for almost all spheres of life. It is the main indicator of how we live our lives, how we feel it, what we need. As they say, appearance matters but brains are more important and here, we can say the Ascendant is important but the Moon is even more important.
    Different relationships form between planets just like between people - friendly, hostile and neutral. These relationships are not always reciprocal, just as it is with people. A planet can be friendly and believe that another planet is its friend, without receiving the same attitude. How familiar it is in our human lives, right?
    There are several ways in which these relationships are formed. I will present the natural way. The table in the gallery shows the natural relations between the planets. It may seem a bit complicated, but the essence is as follows:

    The Moon has no enemies. No planet is willing to harm it with hostility. Jupiter is not the enemy of any planet. The Sun, the Moon, Mars and Jupiter are "gang № 1" - friends with each other. Mercury, Venus and Saturn are "gang № 2" - also friends with each other. The planets of each "gang" are neutral or hostile to those from the other "gang". The table implicates some different conclusions too. In astrology, Mars and Saturn are usually  qualified as planets bringing only trouble and ill. Here is a message to astrologers from me: see the "attitude" of these two wrongdoers to other planets. You should think it over.
    Now, I will give some details about what the Ascendant in your horoscope "tells" us. As mentioned above, it is mainly determined by the planet ruling the sign of the Ascendant. This planet can be in any of the twelve signs. It receives aspects from other planets and this will modify the general information. For example, Aries Ascendant is ruled by Mars. But Mars can be in the sign of Leo. This adds additional information. Keep this in mind. I mentioned that the Moon also plays an important role at a much deeper level. If you wish, you can read the description of the sign, in which the Moon is.
Aries Ascendant
    The ruling planet is Mars. People with this Ascendant are rarely faced with disapproval, at least not at first. Others like their enthusiasm, activity and spontaneity. These people have a strong introspective nature. It is a little difficult for them to achieve trust and confidence in their relationships. They are focused more on themselves than on others. They love meeting new people, but their interest in them does not last long. They usually rush directly to the essence of things, reach their core, see and learn something and move to the next thing. Intangibility makes them interesting enough and people like them precisely for this perhaps. People easily forgive them.
Taurus  Ascendant
    The ruling planet is Venus. People with this Ascendant are often faced with a feeling of resistance from others, with the feeling that they are not accepted. Here, there is an enormous desire for social contacts, for making a long list of friends. They try to make friends with people because of the opportunities that would be provided to them. They demonstrate conservatism and stability, extreme patience to wait for their opportunities. Sometimes, others like this very much but there is also the other extreme - to come up against high resistance. In these cases, people with Taurus Ascendant also show respect to the extremes.
Gemini Ascendant
    The ruling planet is Mercury. These people easily attract others; others often seek them for something. They are very rarely in the position to call first. Usually, their phone rings every hour and someone always has suggestions to them - from drinking a cup of coffee and chatting to more serious activities. They have a peculiar appeal to friendship and acceptance; people easily trust them. But reality is often different. Others accept them very well and like them. But in turn, they rarely and barely respond with the same attitud,e and you can be unaware of this for years.
Cancer Ascendant
    The ruling planet is the Moon. Only the Moon has no "enemies" in the face of other planets and again the Moon is hostile to the largest number of planets - three. This makes these people strange birds. They are very good at drifting people apart from themselves and at making shallow relationships. At first, they create the impression of the "saviour." And if they make the mistake to commit to promises (which they often do to be left alone) but are unable to implement them, they are faced with unpleasant consequences. Therefore, they often attract suspicion, mistrust, have a bad reputation. Actually, the problem is that they do not know how to say "No" firmly and convincingly, especially when they do not wish to get involved.

Leo Ascendant
    The ruling planet is Sun. Only the Sun is friendly to the largest number of planets - four. That presumably means that these people are most open to others. They have a great sense of humour and easily attract people. Of course, there is always some element of "benefit" when they want someone to like them. Others like them quickly and easily, as they are somehow seductive. But these people make mistakes too often and this is something that others almost never forgive them for. For good or bad, their mistakes, even small, can have huge consequences.
Virgo Ascendant
    The ruling planet is Mercury. In their youth, these people feel more unaccepted and disliked by others than in their mature years. They have the feeling that people isolate them, because they cannot meet their expectations. And it is true that in meeting them, others quite spontaneously and unconsciously begin to expect some kind of perfection from them. They expect them to embody an ideal of theirs. They often recommend something that they themselves would never do. They swing between pessimism and optimism and this is difficult for others to bear. Over the years, they become experienced due to the mistakes made, gain inner balance and it brings the approval of others, though not in large amounts. But they themselves learn not to seek it, since each relationship is a commitment that restricts freedom of movement.

Libra Ascendant
    The ruling planet is Venus. They are distinguished for their excellent social skills. For them, it is vital to be approved, appreciated and liked by others. They can communicate with everyone. I often joke that they will find a common language even with the tree in the park and it will love them. Their sociability gives them a lot of contacts and extensive social network. People like them and therefore, they create relations with ease, the only minus being the distance imposed. But even if they disassociate, that is not crucial for their contacts and friendships.
Scorpio Ascendant
    The ruling planet is Mars (and Pluto). This is the most peculiar ascendant in the zodiac. Their life always has a special leitmotif, a special issue of life and a particular style of life. Often these people are unsociable or are under pressure of circumstances. They have a firm and almost unchanging approach to life. They follow their own special fate and even if they want to stray from their path, it is as if some force from above prevents them from doing it. This does not make them popular and easy to communicate with. So, they often feel lonely but over the years, the issue of "Who likes me" is laid aside.

Sagittarius Ascendant
    The ruling planet is Jupiter. As I mentioned at the beginning, Jupiter is not hostile.  It has a mostly neutral attitude towards others. These people attract others with ease, almost in droves. They are not distinguished for special social skills, just the opposite. But they have something really special - their attractiveness is due to the fact that others hear only what they want to hear. They have a particular style of speaking, of combining words, arranging phrases and sounds and this has an incredible impact on people - to hear trumpets and bells that someone will make their dreams come true. Often, there is the disappointment of being deceived.
But to be fair, these people can sometimes make your dreams come true. But on one condition - to make it their way, to follow them quietly and silently and obey their requirements. It seems difficult, right? Especially when it is about your dreams.
Capricorn Ascendant
    The ruling planet is Saturn. One of the biggest myths in astrology is that Saturn is malicious. Actually, looking at the table, it appears that Saturn is hostile only to a single planet, friendly to only one planet again and is absolute neutral like Switzerland. These people inspire respect. They are terribly afraid that they will not notice a thing, will admit it and it will destroy their internal harmony, stability, even their lives. Therefore, they try to adhere to a behaviour, which does not attract much attention. It seems like a repulsion, which is highly attractive at the same time. People like them, but rarely attempt to get closer. Nevertheless, they themselves are able to live fully and adequately without a crowd around them.
Aquarius Ascendant
    The ruling planet is Saturn (and Uranus). These people always attract attention. It is not about liking at first sight. They hardly remain unnoticed and others are interested in them-to see what they are about. They have some idealism as if they come from another world. There is something unusual and unfamiliar in the way they communicate. Although they are visible and attract the interest of people to themselves, others rarely like them very much and it is not very easy to communicate with them. There is usually a barrier - "We may have a great time together and communicate well, but you should not get too close." Such a nonverbal message makes others stay away and have mixed feelings. In people with this Ascendant, outright rejection can sometimes be seen, which does not bring them a lot of friendship and liking. But they somehow manage to move between sympathy and antipathy, to keep their contacts at least.  
Pisces Ascendant
    The ruling planet is Jupiter (and Neptune). These people easily make friendships. And just as easily break them. I would not say that they have a special charm of lasting appeal, nor that people go crazy when they appear. What attracts people to them is their conviction that everything is possible in this world. They speak with such an optimism, treat others in a unique way and this makes them believe that they are unique, at first at least. Then, there is the great fall - for others, not for them. When born with such an Ascendant, liking is rarely permanent. They themselves demonstrate promiscuity in their lives - in their interests, in their relationships, in their activities, in their commitments, in almost everything.

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