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January 27th

It does not matter if Tsipras or Mitsotakis will be Prime Minister, the situation in Greece will not change

27 January 2016 / 15:01:56  
Our readers are in the grip of political apathy and have no hope for change.

Unique sculptures of Apollo and Artemis found in Crete

27 January 2016 / 15:01:59  
They are small and incorporated into a sculpture composition with a height of 0.54 metres with the pedestal and 0.35 metres without it. The sculpture of Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt and protector of Aptera, is made of bronze and that of the sun god and her brother Apollo of marble.

US embassy protests against the staging of a book by a convicted terrorist

27 January 2016 / 13:01:11  
"While art should not be censored, we join "Os edo" ("Enough") in questioning if the public should fund the art of a terrorist", reads the statement of the diplomatic mission.

January 26th

Athens is proposed to keep migrants in return for debt relief

26 January 2016 / 20:01:35  
According to the Finacial Times, the proposal is for Greece to close its borders with EU support in order to be able to stop the refugee influx to northern Europe, in return for which Germany should approve a significant writedown of the huge Greek debt.

Greek police break up a criminal network of Bulgarian phone scammers

26 January 2016 / 18:01:52  
Numerous cases of phone scams on the elderly were registered in the second half of 2015 across the country, in which unknown persons tried to steal money from elderly people, following a specific scheme.

The National Theatre of Greece stages a play by a terrorist convicted of five murders

26 January 2016 / 13:01:14  
The play is based on the book by the 17 November terrorist Savvas Xiros and on the minutes of the hearings during the trial against him and the other members of the group.

January 25th

For one year in power SYRIZA has totally collapsed the economy

25 January 2016 / 20:01:17  
Last night SYRIZA celebrated one year in power with a celebration and solemn speech of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.