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January 23rd

Greece isolated from Europe because of the refugee wave

23 January 2016 / 14:01:18  
The Austrian foreign minister said that the refugee transit countries have no interest in a common European solution

January 22nd

6,000 tractors on the Greek highways promise traffic troubles

22 January 2016 / 20:01:25  
Unprecedented are the dimensions of the protest actions against the pension reform proposed by the Greek government. In addition to farmers, yesterday they involved en masse freelancers, lawyers, doctors, pharmacists and engineers.

Looking at "the other home"

22 January 2016 / 19:01:26  
The second successful performance of the theatre group "En Dynamei" composed of actors with and without disabilities is presented at Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens.

Signs of financial troubles

22 January 2016 / 14:01:00  
The money that we have is one of the most important things. In fact, to put it bluntly, it is the most important thing after health. Money allows us to provide ourselves with what we need to live, to survive. Therefore, almost everything in our lives is associated with it.

Tsipras - stubborn and unprepared in Davos

22 January 2016 / 13:01:14  
During the discussion, Wolfgang Schaeuble referred to the agreement between Greece and its creditors with the words "there are commitments that are not respected." He ended his speech with the phrase "it’s the implementation, stupid".

January 21st

Revolution of ties

21 January 2016 / 20:01:05  
Tens of thousands of lawyers, engineers, doctors, pharmacists, accountants and other freelancers filled the centre of Athens during their second mass protest, farmers start blockades on the Greek roads and the Greek-Bulgarian border at Promachonas.

Greeks are not being vaccinated against the flu, the next 3-4 weeks are critical for the epidemic

21 January 2016 / 17:01:42  
Only three of the 82 patients in intensive care units have been vaccinated against influenza. The number of flu victims is already 13.