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Archive - 2014

December 3rd

The judicial council rejects the request of a prisoner who has been starving himself for 24 days now

03 December 2014 / 17:12:58  
Legal regulations on the granting of leaves for education to prisoners are currently being prepared on the initiative of Deputy Prime Minister Evangelos Venizelos.

Davutoglu wants to visit Thrace, Athens refuses

03 December 2014 / 13:12:24  
The programme of his visit to Greece has not yet been specified and the talks are underway. However, his visit to Thrace will be private, even if it has been approved.

live Riots in Athens after a procession of anarchists

02 December 2014 / 22:12:24  
The protest in support of Nikos Romanos, who faces terrorism charges, ended with cars and a bus set on fire in the centre of Athens.

December 2nd

Hunger strike threatens the life of a terror suspect

02 December 2014 / 19:12:19  
Nikos Romanos is Alexis Grigoropoulos' close friend and witnessed his death 6 years ago. He was arrested and sentenced for the armed robbery of the branch of the National Bank of Greece in Velventos. 23 days ago, he began a hunger strike because his request to use a leave from prison to attend lectures at the university was rejected.

Young people in Bulgaria poorer but more educated than their peers in Greece

02 December 2014 / 16:12:14  
Sociological portrait of young people in Bulgaria and Greece

The butcher of Thessaloniki died

02 December 2014 / 15:12:41  
Alois Brunner has remained in history, at least for Greeks, as "the butcher of Thessaloniki" because as an SS officer he had sent around 40,000-45,000 Greek Jews from Thessaloniki and northern Greece to the concentration camps.

They spoke the Bulgarian language in Northern Greece 100 years ago

02 December 2014 / 13:12:23  
That particular statement of famous Greek composer Stamatis Kraounakis has provoked violent reactions in Greece.