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Archive - 2014

December 9th

The Acropolis made of Lego bricks

09 December 2014 / 20:12:39  
The holiday atmosphere has captured the Acropolis Museum, which is emblematic of Athens. It is organizing a series of holiday events that include mobile children's workshops, discussions for adults, jolly tunes and songs, entertainment and many surprises.

Athens municipality provides shelter to the Syrian refugees but they refuse to leave the square

09 December 2014 / 18:12:32  
The Syrian refugees who have been in Syntagma Square in central Athens for 20 days now, are opposing the taking of women and children away from the square.

GRReporter readers support the return of the Parthenon Marbles but do not trust the Clooney family

09 December 2014 / 17:12:20  
Such an act by the British Museum would be a precedent that may empty the major museums. On the other hand, the British themselves share the opinion of our readers.

Stavros Dimas is the candidate for Greece’s president

09 December 2014 / 15:12:35  
"He is certainly a person who unites, inspires trust and respect," said the Greek Prime Minister, adding that Dimas is highly appreciated both in Greece and abroad.

The Greek parliament is to elect a new president on 17 December

09 December 2014 / 13:12:16  
If the vote fails, the Constitution provides for another two rounds, which will take place within 5 days, i.e. on 23 and 29 December. If they do not elect a president, Greece will announce early elections, the most probable dates for their implementation being 25 January and 1 February.

December 8th

Doctors insist on abolishing donor anonymity in IVF procedures

08 December 2014 / 21:12:26  
The main argument in this regard is that the awareness of our biological parents is a component of the human personality and essence. The judgments issued by the European Court of Human Rights are in the same vein as well.

DIY original Christmas decorations

08 December 2014 / 19:12:35  
The city streets are flooded with Christmas lights, shops are full, everyone is thinking about the gift that will delight his or her beloved ones. The holiday spirit has captured all. We can create such a warm, festive atmosphere at home too, and with materials at hand.