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Archive - 2008

December 14th

The big city anonymity helps women who are subject to family abuse in Athens and Peiraia

14 December 2008 / 14:12:13  
The city anonymity helps women talk about the family abuse but women from the country prefer to remain anonymous. This shows data from the Central Office for Equality.

Bible for parents who want their kids to have fun in Athens

14 December 2008 / 13:12:38  

The English booklet "Athens 4 Kids" tells about he hundredths of things, which parents could do in order to make their stay in Athens with their children unforgettable.

December 13th

Three day mourning in Cyprus

13 December 2008 / 14:12:05  
On Monday the funeral of former president Tasos Papadopoulos will take place, who died yesterday after a long cancer battle.

December 12th

The demonstrations will continue until Christmas

12 December 2008 / 14:12:45  
The center of Athens was closed today because of demonstrations by students, who said that they will continue protesting until Christmas. Again, the demonstrations in Athens turned into rioting. In Thessaloniki, the students occupied the university and the Prime Minister announced that the government is stable.

Partnership between police and anarchists

12 December 2008 / 11:12:58  
The police is selective - they are strict with some anarchists and friends with others, claims "Ta Nea" newspaper. There were riots last night as well and new protests are set for noon in the center of Athens.

December 11th

Irish pork on the Greek market

11 December 2008 / 17:12:54  
The Hellenic Food Safety Authority announced that they found high level of dioxins in the mortadella sausages imported from Italy.

Children are protesting in front of police stations

11 December 2008 / 16:12:50  
They are blocking streets and intersections, occupying schools and universities and the authorities are afraid that the riots may start again after a somewhat quieter night. On Friday the results from the ballistic expertise will be announced.